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Sahasra Sirsha Brahma

Now it is possible to participate in the manifestation of 1,000 Goloka Sanctuary Communities around the world while you sleep, and you will accelerate your own development to Brahman Consciousness, plus create new brain neurons for a more creative and productive life. This is the purpose for the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Meditation Neurogenesis Vitara.

SSB Vitara

The Neurogenesis Vitara is a breakthrough device that is further enhanced by specializing it for the SSB Meditation. First, let’s understand how the Neurogenesis Vitara functions.

Why does the brain lose its ability to function at optimal levels as we age? Many scientists believe we have a dwindling number of brain cells (neurons) as we age and this contributes to cognitive decline which is common as people grow older. We may begin to notice that we cannot remember well short-term, and there is a sort of "brain fog" that dulls thinking. It is increasingly difficult to learn new things and IQ has declined. Sleep may be more difficult, and we may be sleeping less and feeling fatigued during the day. If you have any of these symptoms, you probably have a fewer brain cells now than you need for sharp, clear thinking and optimal brain function.

Brain Cell Synapse

Above is a graphic that illustrates brain cells or neurons and synapses. Neurons are cells that send and receive electro-chemical signals to and from the brain and nervous system. By the time we reach middle age, we have only about 86 billion brain cells left. But, at birth, scientists estimate that we have about 100 billion neurons in the brain. The neurons in the brain are unlike other cells in the body. Other cells divide to maintain the organ system. The neurons in our brains do not divide, they simply die after some years. Some scientists estimate that we could lose about 85,000 neurons per day. This loss of brain cells may be the fundamental cause of cognitive decline in older adults.

Neurogenesis Is Vital For Maintaining A Healthy Brain

So, it is important that the brain create new neurons to maintain the ability of the brain, or else we lose cognitive ability as we age. In our youth, learning is easy and the mind is nimble and remembers with no effort. As we get older and the number of neurons decline, short-term memory becomes less dependable, it is harder to learn something new, the mind seems foggy and long-term memories are full of gaps.


Is it possible to grow new brain cells and regenerate our brains to that youthful state and beyond? Yes! Neurogenesis is the scientific name for our ability to create new brain cells. A University of Massachusetts study, “Mindfulness Practice Leads to Increases in Regional Brain Gray Matter Density”, revealed that meditators may be benefiting from an actual growth of new brain cells. The researchers report that those who meditated for about 30 minutes a day for eight weeks had measurable changes in gray-matter density in parts of the brain associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and reduced stress.

Meditation practices, such as Mindfulness Meditation or Transcendental Meditation or Atmavedi Meditation are ways of exercising the brain, and exercising the brain in this way is thought to be a catalyst for neurogenesis - the production of new brain cells.

Neuron Detail

What is it about meditation that causes neurogenesis? When we meditate, overall brain frequency slows down from fast Beta (12 to 38 cycles per second) where the conscious thinking mind is engaged in random thoughts, to Theta (3 to 8 CPS) where the mind enjoys peace and calm and lack of thoughts. Topographic brain mapping shows us that at first during meditation only a small part of the brain will be in the Theta frequency band while the rest of the brain is exhibiting Alpha and Beta. During this time, we may experience many random thoughts along with the thinking of the mantra. Then as our meditation continues, more of the brain exhibits Theta and thoughts become less and may even disappear as we experience unbounded awareness. As more and more of the brain becomes coherent and Theta predominates, the chemistry of the brain resets and neurogenesis takes place.


How the Conscious Thinking Mind Functions

The conscious thinking mind, as it operates, uses the machinery of the brain and we know from EEG (electroencephalography) topographic brain mapping research that the brain assumes various frequencies as it operates. The brain functions like an electrical machine in certain frequency bands that have been shown to correspond with mental activity of the conscious thinking mind, in the cerebral cortex of the brain. At the root of all our thoughts and emotions is the communication between neurons within our brain. Brainwaves are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other.

Topographic Brain Map

Brainwaves are detected using sensors placed on the scalp. They are divided into bandwidths to describe their functions. Brainwaves change according to what we are doing and feeling. When slower brainwaves are dominant, we can feel tired, slow, sluggish, or dreamy. The higher frequencies are dominant when we feel wired, or hyper-alert.

Brainwave speed is measured in Hertz (Hz or cycles per second) and they are divided into bands delineating slow, moderate, and fast waves.

Delta waves (.5 to 3 Hz)

Brainwaves DeltaDelta brainwaves are slow, low frequency and deeply penetrating. They are generated in deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Delta waves suspend external awareness and may be the source of empathy. Healing and regeneration are stimulated in this state, and that is why deep restorative sleep is so essential to the healing process.

Theta waves (3 to 8 Hz)

Brainwaves ThetaTheta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. This level functions as our gateway to learning and memory. In Theta, our senses are withdrawn from the external world and focused on signals originating from within. It is that twilight state which we normally only experience fleetingly as we wake up or drift off to sleep. In Theta we are in deep meditation or in a dream. There can be vivid imagery, intuition and information beyond our normal conscious awareness. Research indicates that extended periods of coherent theta (15 minutes or longer) normalizes brain chemistry and causes the hippocampus to create new brain cells. These 15-minute periods of coherent Thera are the catalyst for Neurogenesis.

Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz)

Brainwaves AlphaAlpha brainwaves are dominant during quietly flowing thoughts, and in some meditative states. Alpha facilitates being in the present. Alpha is the resting state for the brain. Alpha waves aid overall mental coordination, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration and learning.

Beta waves (12 to 38 Hz)

Brainwaves BetaBeta brainwaves dominate our normal waking state of consciousness when attention is directed towards cognitive tasks and the outside world. Beta is a ‘fast’ activity, present when we are alert, attentive, engaged in problem solving, judgment, decision making, and engaged in focused mental activity. Continual high frequency processing is not a very efficient way to run the brain, as it takes a tremendous amount of energy.

Gamma waves (38 to 42 Hz)

Brainwaves GammaGamma brainwaves are the fastest of brain waves (high frequency, like a flute), and relate to simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas. It passes information rapidly, and as the most subtle of the brainwave frequencies, the mind has to be quiet to access it. Gamma was dismissed as 'spare brain noise' until researchers discovered it was highly active when in states of universal love, altruism, and the "higher virtues". Gamma is also above the frequency of neuronal firing, so how it is generated remains a mystery to most scientists. We understand Gamma is the frequency of the subtle mind and it manifests in the physical brain functions in conjunction with the subtle mind during witnessing of daily life. A greater presence of Gamma indicates rising or established Cosmic Consciousness.

Changes in Brainwave Frequencies During Meditation

Normal waking state consciousness is characterized by predominately Beta frequencies in the cerebral cortex - this corresponds to the activity of the conscious thinking mind as it is thinking and planning. When we sit to meditate, the practice of Dharana, or thinking the mantra, causes Alpha to first overtake the Beta frequencies, and then eventually an island of Theta will appear as the meditation deepens. In advanced meditators we see this island of Theta arise more quickly than in new meditators. If the meditation becomes very deep this island of Theta will become very large and may encompass the entire cerebral cortex. The person is experiencing the separation of the conscious thinking mind and the subtle mind as Dhyana arises.

Theta is the catalyst for Neurogenesis

If the period of coherent Theta is maintained for 15 minutes, the brain chemistry resets and Neurogenesis begins. Also, we believe that the Theta frequency is the gateway to the experiences of higher states of consciousness and will come just before the meditator transitions to experience Nirvana.

Neurogenesis in the Brain

Brainwave Entrainment

Is it possible to influence the brain directly and produce a desired experience? Yes, through the technique of brainwave entrainment. Brainwave entrainment, also known as "neural entrainment", refers to the capacity of the brain to naturally synchronize its brainwave frequencies with the rhythm of periodic external stimuli, most commonly auditory, visual, tactile or magnetic pulse. Brainwave entrainment technologies are used to induce various brain states, such as relaxation or sleep, by creating stimuli that occur at regular, periodic intervals to mimic electrical cycles of the brain during the desired states, thereby "training" the brain to consciously alter states. Recurrent acoustic frequencies, magnetic pulses, flickering lights, or tactile vibrations are the most common examples of stimuli applied to generate different sensory responses.

We can produce a physical stimulus in the brain that will cause the brain to switch into the Theta frequency. If we do this during a time when we are also practicing Dharana and Dhyana, we find the practice of these techniques is facilitated by this cooperation of the physical brain, and an actual experience of Nirvana is produced. If we guide the brain through the normal frequencies of natural healthy sleep patterns (Alpha, Theta and Delta), then the experience is more restful and peaceful sleep. But also, because the brain is experiencing the Theta frequency for long periods of time during this guided sleep process, the brain will spontaneously create new brain cells.

Typically, we meditate for 20 to 30 minutes, twice a day. This time spent in meditation may give the meditator a good boost in new brain cells but the daily production of new brain cells may vary considerably, depending on the quality of the Theta time in each meditation. However, there is another important time when the brain can experience the Theta frequency and create new brain cells - every night during sleep.

In every sleep cycle there is an opportunity for 10 to 50 minutes of Theta, but like meditation, this time in Theta may not be consistent unless we use the Neurogenesis Vitara to guide the mind through the 5 sleep cycles and ensure that the brain experiences long periods of Theta frequency so there is maximum production of new brain cells each night.

The Neurogenesis Vitara is a device that broadcasts magnetic pulses into the physical environment that causes brainwave entrainment in natural sleep cycle frequencies (Alpha, Theta and Delta) and simultaneously transmits primordial frequencies into the Prana Field using the Vedic Vitara Technology®. The result is a night of deep, peaceful and restful sleep, a sense of restful alertness and awareness of the body during sleep, a gateway into the experience of Lucid Dreaming, and the spontaneous production of many new brain cells. In the morning we awaken refreshed, clear, happy, positive and energetic as we have taken a step toward higher consciousness.

Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Emergence Event

Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Emergence Event

The world collective consciousness shifted on December 21, 2012 in preparation for "The Event". This is a time when the entire human population of the world will be going into the 5th dimension. In fact, Krishna Himself predicted this in His final message to Humanity before leaving the Earth Plane about 5,050 years ago. He clearly stated that in 5,000 years the entire world will be filled with His Devotees and this Golden Age would last for 10,000 years.

The physical Earth (where the anamaya kosha functions) is the 3rd dimension, the astral world (pranamaya kosha) is the 4th dimension and the heaven world (manomaya kosha) is the 5th dimension or the Celestial Realm, where the population of this entire realms are Krishna Devotees. For clarity, a “Krishna Devotee” is not some vague religious term, but rather means a person who is Self-Realized and knows he or she is One with the Ultimate, Krishna. Such a realization comes in Moksha Level 2, or God Consciousness.

In the soon to arrive Heaven on Earth, the residents of the Earth Plane will all be established in God Consciousness. The idea of a Golden Age or Heaven on Earth or a Utopian Society has been around since 1975 when Krishna predicted this would be occurring, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi declared the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment. Now is the time for a select group of 1,000 to take action to create the Emergence Event and ignite this change in human society.

The Goloka Project has come into the physical world from the 5th Dimension, which is the realm of the Ascended Masters, to provide a definitive action plan for humanity to take immediately to create "The Event". This action plan we have named "Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Emergence Event" requires a powerful coherent collective consciousness of 1,000.

When we have this group of 1,000, the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Emergence Event will occur. "In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence occurs when an entity is observed to have properties its parts do not have on their own, properties or behaviors which emerge only when the parts interact in a wider whole. Emergence plays a central role in theories of integrative levels and of complex systems. For instance, the phenomenon of life as studied in biology is an emergent property of chemistry, and many psychological phenomena are known to emerge from underlying neurobiological processes."1

For another way to look at an Emergence Event, imagine a large, grassy meadow with all the component parts of a new BMW automobile – doors, windows, pistons, wheels, tires, a battery, an engine block, and so on, scattered all over the field. Anyone who has never seen an automobile will be at a loss to understand what will emerge when all these parts are properly assembled. When the assembly process is completed, the new BMW emerges with capabilities far beyond any of the individual parts.

This Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Emergence Event will cause the entire group of 1,000 to function coherently as the Mind of the Creator operating in the physical realm. Then we, as members of SSB, will see what will appear to others as a miracle as the 1,000 communities manifest. The Dream of the Universe that seemed external and fixed will be appreciated as internal and completely amenable to change. It is like the difference between a normal dream where you are embedded in the dream and not aware it is a dream, and the lucid dream where you know you are creating a universe in your mind and can literally do anything in your universe.

The energy of the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Emergence Event will propel all members of the group into the experience of Brahman Consciousness, Moksha Level 4, when they are meditating together. This experience of BC will be highly effective at balancing the karmic traces that separate the individual from the experience of Brahman Consciousness, which will allow the experience of BC to become stable and not dependent on the influence of the group.

To enhance the effect of the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Meditation, we have devised a Neurogenesis Vitara that enhances the experience of Lucid Dreams using a unique core frequency set composed of the Brahma Sutras superimposed on a pure Theta frequency. Lucid Dreaming is an important part of the SSB Meditation where we actually create multiple Wake Induced Lucid Dreams in every meditation session. It is during a Lucid Dream that one experiences what it is like to be the Creator of the Universe. So the SSB Vitara will add an important experience of additional Lucid Dreams.

Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Vitara Lucid Dreaming Modules

Let's look at how the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Vitara Lucid Dreaming Modules are created. Lucid Dreaming is a very important precursor experience for Level 2 Moksha. We all have one or more dreams during every sleep cycle and we should be sleeping for about 8 hours each night. Everyone needs 5 sleep cycles a day to give the body the deep rest it needs for rejuvenation. So we should have at least 5 lucid dreams every night. These are important opportunities for further development of our subtle bodies and for profound experiences of the celestial realms.

Sleep Stages

Be sure your physical body is getting enough rest so that your body is not carrying a sleep debt. The human body needs 5 sleep cycles in each 24 hours period, preferably continuous and at night because taken together, the cycles will change throughout the night and the result is a fully rested physical body. A sleep cycle is 90 minutes in duration and consists of a combination of the following aspects:

  • Awake
  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep - characterized by rapid and random eye movement, high frequency (theta, alpha and even beta) brain waves similar to those during wakefulness, there is muscle paralysis or atonia and frequent and vivid dreams. Profound Lucid Dreams and out of body experiences happen during this stage if one can remain connected to the subtle mind.
  • Non REM stage 1 - little or no eye movement occurs and dreams are possible but relatively rare. sleep is very light and easily disrupted, between wakefulness and sleep proper, characterized by alpha and theta brain waves and may be punctuated by sudden twitches or hypnic jerks
  • Non REM stage 2 - most time is spent in this stage, characterized by theta waves with occasional higher voltage sleep spindles.
  • Non REM stage 3 - the deepest state of non-REM sleep during which the conscious thinking mind shuts down completely causing most sleepers to become largely unaware of and unresponsive to the outside environment, characterized by delta waves along with some sleep spindles.

Sleep Cycles

The SSB Vitara Lucid Dreaming modules contain complex brainwave entrainment programs that will lead your mind through 5 sleep cycles as illustrated in the image above. During the REM sleep periods the brain is entrained with Theta waves and the Brahma Sutras, then during Non-REM stage 1, Theta continues and the Brahma Sutras stop. Non-REM stage 2 the frequency changes to Delta. In Non-REM stage 3 Delta continues and Sama Veda is added to cultivate very deep rest of the physical body.

Our meditation sessions during the day are training laboratories for the mind to perfect Dharana, Dhyana and Samyama. At night we can use the 8 hours of sleep time as another laboratory for the mind to cultivate the ability to hold on to the connection with the subtle mind (yogastah) through the practice of sustained Lucid Dreaming to exercise and develop the subtle bodies. Thereby maximizing our daily progress toward Moksha.

There are five modules included with the SSB Vitara, each have slightly different Delta and Theta frequencies so the brain will not become accustomed to a particular frequency and ignore it. A different module is played every night. This allows an SSB meditator to contribute even more to creating the Emergence Event for Humanity by increasing the ability to experience and produce Lucid Dreams at will. Plus, the additional exposure to the Brahma Sutras will benefit the person with an accelerated pace of development to Brahman Consciousness.


1. Emergence, as defined by Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergence