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Progression of the Pralaya Bioattack of Nanobots Sprayed on Food


Humanity is now fully engaged in the pralaya. Humanity is now on the clear trajectory for the elimination of more than 95% of the people within the next few years. This week, the Davos group (the front for the global elite) announced how very soon your food will be sprayed with nanobots. The nanobots are programmed to take over your body and supplement the mRNA injections to exterminate billions of people.  Here is a video that describes this in detail:

Nanobots Sprayed on Food

How are we to survive this pralaya now when our food will be poisoned with nanobots? One good first step is to grow your own food and stop purchasing food, including certified organic, from any commercial establishment. You will eventually not even be able to trust the local farmer's market because ALL food will be mandated to be sprayed with the nanobots. Of course, there will be some growers who will resist the mandates initially, but that will not last - these resistors will be eliminated.

Of course, the ultimate solution for all who wish to live free of the constant threat of being killed by the government is the local Goloka Sanctuary Community.

Over the coming months, the pressure to be injected with the mRNA nanobot-laden death serum will be increased, "vaccine passports" will be coming to restrict those who will not take the injection from participation in normal activities such as buying food, living in a house, driving a car, or taking a plane flight.

This winter will be a test to see how society handles the death of tens of millions of people, then the models will be adjusted for continuation of the destruction of human life.

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