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Lakshmi Abundance Fund to Finance the Ten Seed Communities


The Lakshmi Abundance Fund has been established to provide the financial resources for the Goloka Sanctuary Seed Communities. The Seed Communities are 50-Member Communities that are being researched, planned or created in areas where there is the most interest at this time, including Mexico, Finland, United States (2), Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Canada, India, and South Africa.

The Seed Communities

It is possible to move in to a Seed Community in three to six months. The development of a full one-thousand Member Community from a Seed Community will then take about three years. The full Community emerges in stages of 50 to 100 Members, following this general growth plan:

  1. Stage 1: A Community Administrator is selected to head-up the first stage. The CA enlists about 20 families who are interested in joining the Community. These initial Members then meet to decide on the ideal land for their Community, purchase that land and hire an architect to develop the 10-stage building plan. Infrastructure (roads, utilities, gardens) for the entire Community is created and the meditation dome and the housing for the people in the first stage, plus 25% more, is built. This process takes three to six months to complete and the first Members move in.
  2. Stage 2: During the six months that Stage 1 is being built, the Members of Stage 1 are enlisting 24 more families to join in Stage 2. This stage consists of building residences for the Members, plus 25% more for growth, plus the Ayurvedic Medical Center
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After Stage 10 completed, a total of about 30 months has passed and more than 380 familes  plus 100 children, for a total of about 700 Members will be in residence. The Community will continue to grow slowly from within and some new Members will join.

Lakshmi Abundance Fund

Lakshmi Kubera GolokaCoins

Lakshmi is the Celestial Being who is the Shakti of Vishnu, the Maintainer of our Universe. She is the creator of all wealth in the Universe, and Kubera is the Celestial Treasurer who distributes this wealth where it is needed to maintain the Universe. The Goloka Project is a physical agent of Vishnu, striving to establish 1,000 Spiritual Communities around the world to provide the necessary influence to elevate world collective consciousness from its present Level of 207 to Level of Consciousness 350. As The Goloka Project continues in its Mission, Vishnu Blesses us with more and more resources to accomplish our task. The Lakshmi Abundance Fund is one of these Blessings.

The Lakshmi Abundance Fund is offering Gold-backed Certificates of Deposit that pay the owner 10% interest per month. To generate the 10% interest plus more Return on Investment (ROI) to fuel the development of the Communities, we employ a strategy to extract consistent profits every day from the volatility of various cryptocurrency and Forex markets. Our easily obtainable objective is 4% ROI. The CDs are staked with financial brokers to act as the required equity to implement this strategy. There is never any risk of loss to CD holders, due to strict risk management which only risks less than 1% of the total equity at any time. The strategy does generate losses 5% of the time. This maximum 1% potential loss is guaranteed to be paid out of accumulated profits; never dipping into CD equity.

To join a Seed Community, one deposits a small amount in a Lakshmi Abundance Community Gold Certificate of Deposit that is backed by and redeemable1 in pure gold. There is no time constraint - you can close your CD at any time and receive back the full amount of your deposit plus accumulated interest.


1. Redeemable in pure gold - to exercise this right, your CD must be larger than 400 ounces of gold


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