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What is the Problem today?

Are you happy with the direction society is taking these days? Is the “new normal” with its isolation, face masks, social distancing, vaccine passports, and daily testing for the mysterious, invisible disease “COVID”, just the thing to make your life complete and whole?

Do you yearn for the "Great Reset" to put a few wealthy "elites" in charge of everything while the rest of us are peasants, with top-down centralized control of every single resource on Earth? Actually, there is a considerable percentage of the population who are oblivious to what is happening or seem to be happy in this environment of growing servitude. These people have succumbed to the incessant TV brainwashing campaigns. Probably about 15% of the world population are not in agreement, for various personal reasons, and a tiny minority are diametrically opposed to the UN plans for Humanity (WHO, WEF, Agenda 21, and Agenda 2030). There is a growing body of medical evidence that the new mRNA Vaccine for COVID is actually the spearhead of a world eugenics program that first culls the weak and old among us, and sets the stage for total destruction of life for all who take the injection.

The balance of power is now in the hands of a few wealthy people who obviously have a eugenics agenda. What is there for those of us who are not among these few wealthy people, yet still cherish individual freedom and want to live a life worth living? Should they just resign to their fate being wrought by the world eugenics agenda? Or, should they resist? And if resist is the choice, how is this possible for one’s whole lifetime, not to mention the lifetimes of their children?

The resistance alternatives are few. This “resistance group” will ultimately be branded as “enemies of society” to be hunted down and exterminated like so many pestilence spreading rats. Running and hiding is a poor substitute for life and not a good way to live and raise a family.

There is a viable "Plan B" for those who want to live a life in freedom, prosperity and happiness. The Goloka Sanctuary Communities - we are organizing 1,000 communities around the world for one million residents. These communities will be free from governmental control, free from COVID, free from lockdowns, free from vaccines, and a great place to live, enjoy life, and raise a family. Interested in understanding how all this freedom is possible in today's world? It's a longish read, but worthwile information >>>

For the first one thousand people who like to meditate, a Lifetime Membership and Residence in a Goloka Sanctuary Community is being granted for FREE by joining the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Meditation Core Group.

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