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Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Emergence Event Meditator Application

This is your application to join a Goloka Community and the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Emergence Event Meditations to trigger the "Event" that will propel all of Humanity into the 5th Dimension.

The "Event" is the moment of the "Compression Breakthrough" on earth

Since December 21, 2012, the Ascended Masters of the Celestial Realms have been implementing a plan to raise all of Humanity into the 5th Dimension as an antidote to the out-of-control dominance, chaos and destruction that is being foisted upon Humanity by the governments of the world.

What is needed is a core group of 1,000 meditators to create the energy patterns in the 3-D world to meet with the energy patterns being sent to us from the 5th Dimension and cause a massive Emergence Event that will rapidly transform our world into Heaven on Earth for all of (remaining) Humanity.

There are still openings in the SSB Emergence Event Meditation Group and you are invited to join.

The date of this Event can be predicted - it will come when we have at least 1,000 SSB Meditators participating in daily SSB Meditations for a period of at least 120 days.

How the SSB Meditation Works

The SSB Meditation is specific mental mastery training with individual karmic trace balancing to produce the Realization "Aham Brahmasmi" or "I Am Brahman" and the experience of Brahman Consciousness, Moksha Level 4 (Level of Consciousness 900). The experience of LOC 900 necessarily brings along the experience of Moksha Level 1 (Cosmic Consciousness), Moksha Level 2 (God Consciousness), and Moksha Level 3 (Unity Consciousness).

Brahman Consciousness is not an experience in the individual mind; it is the experience of Cosmic Mind - the Mind of the Creator; one Realizes the Role of the Creator and can then change the Dream of the Universe. This is the ultimate experience in this Universe. From this Consciousness of the Creator, we project a new element in to the Dream of the Universe; 1,000 physical Goloka Sanctuary Communities at a point in the future.

Personal Growth to Higher States of Consciousness

To further support your development of Jivan Mukti over the next 5 years, you will have your own personal Archaryadevata Guru (an Ascended Master) to guide you and provide Shaktipat to ensure your success.

This process of creating the Emergence Event is a wonderful way of balancing all the karmic traces that stand in the way of Brahman Consciousness. Everytime we perform this meditation we make huge steps of progress in our own personal development to Level of Consciousness 900 and we bless our entire world family with a higher collective consciousness. When the Communities manifest, world collective consciousness will be at 350 and the pralaya will come to an end. Peace, prosperity, and happiness will be the experience of everyone on Earth.

Sahasra Sirsha Brahma 200pxIf you want to become a part of this endeavor to uplift humanity, achieve your Self-Realization in Brahman Consciousness, and enjoy the abundance and Bliss of being in sync with the Divine Plan for this Universe, please submit the form. There is no cost to you except for your time. All training is provided. Minimum time is 90 minutes a day, 7 days a week until December 31, 2025. The rewards of selfless service to Humanity are unbelievable.

Here is a video that explains in detail the meditation process, the training and the unbelievable benefits that will come, both spiritual and material. If you prefer to read about it, there is a transcript below the video.

Introductory Information

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Today, we're here to learn about the opportunity that we have with the Goloka Project to manifest 1000 communities around the world. This kind of an interesting idea, these communities already exist in the celestial realm. And now we have been given the wonderful opportunity to bring them into the physical. We work for Krishna and the Ascended Masters. They don't have physical bodies right now. So, we need physical people bring physical communities into existence. It's really quite a blissful occupation.

Let me explain a little bit about it. I have a document here that I'm going to send you (this is your Docusign agreement) that you can have for reference. But this is a program or helping Krishna and the Ascended Masters to bring the communities into existence. It's a very big project, to build 1,000 luxury health spas around the world - these are luxury health spas, they're not just bare bones survival communities, and they will cost about $500 billion.

Krishna Lifts Govindara MountainSo, we're going to need some help, we're going to need the help of the Creator of the universe, Lord Brahma. Our universe is currently being created, right now in the mind of the Creator of the universe. Very much like having a lucid dream. In fact, we're created in the image of the Creator, which means we have all the capabilities of the Creator, we can create universes too. And we're going to be using a technique that the creator uses to create the Universe to create the communities in the universe.

This universe is existing in the mind of the Creator, that means you and I live in the mind of the Creator. And so we're going to use that fact to bring things into manifestation. Probably all have heard about manifestation - manifesting things. What we do is we have a desire, we focus on it, we let go of the desire. And magically, it seems what we want to manifest comes into existence. How does that really work? A lot of people talk about process of manifestation how to manifest something. It literally works on the basis of five techniques. And we will teach you these techniques and they're very easy to do. It's the combination of these five techniques that makes it work.

The first technique that you will learn is called Dharana. These are Sanskrit words. Dharana means thinking a thought. And when we use it in the context of meditation, it means thinking a mantra. A mantra is a thought. Now a mantra will be a special thought, however, because it doesn't have any meaning. The mantra is meaningless, and is only a frequency, a sound vibration. And that's all that is necessary to transcend, by following this mantra in your own mind, you can transcend, that means to go beyond the physical and experience the subtle realms of the universe, through this vehicle of transcending, the mantra. It only takes less than one hour to learn how to meditate using this mantra.

If you already practice Transcendental Meditation, or Atmavedi Meditation You already know what your mantra is and how to perform Dharana. If you don't practice these techniques, we will show you how. Then the next technique that you'll need is called Dhyana and this is the practice of becoming the Silent Witness. All right, what is the Silent Witness? That's a new term. And what that is, is the consciousness of the Creator of the universe.

Maybe you've had a lucid dream where you know, you're dreaming. And you're lying there and you realize, wow, I am dreaming right now. This makes you feel very powerful. Because you know, you can do anything, you can fly. You can walk through walls, you can create things in dream, just by thinking about something you want, or some person you want to see, here comes that person walking toward you. That's because the mind is very powerful, and the basis of all manifestation. We're going to provide this training to connect with the consciousness of the Creator. And that is the Silent Witness.

You see, when you're lucid dreaming, you're watching the dream, aren't you? You are the Silent Witness, in your dream. Consciousness of the Creator, the Silent Witness. And because you're a dream creature, in this massive, colossal dream of the universe, you can connect with and literally become the Silent Witness. In fact, that's a very important point. Right now, you may think there are several people here, and Robins here, Terry's here, and I am here. But that's an illusion. It's an illusion that Robin is here. And I am here. The truth is, only the Creator is here. There's only one being in this whole universe. And the joy is you are that Being. You are the Creator of the universe. The realization of this is called Self Realization, Enlightenment. And we're going to learn how to trigger this realization to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, absolutely. “I am the Creator of this universe.” And from that position, what's stopping you from changing the dream, what is in your way of creating 1,000 communities? Nothing, you only have to think them into existence.

The third technique is how you think them into existence. It's called Samyama. Samyama is a creation process. It's the creation process used by the Creator of the universe, very easy to learn, and you will be trained in how to perform.

And then the fourth technique, Tri-mana Samyama. This is an advanced technique of mental mastery. You will be trained on how to perform this, and you will literally begin to use three minds simultaneously. That's what “tri-mana” means three minds. We have a mind in our conscious thinking mind. It's in our physical brain associated with our physical brain. And in fact, what we can do is change what the mind does by using brainwave entrainment. And that's another aspect of the program is in brainwave entrainment.

The mind operates in various frequency bands, the conscious thinking mind, it can operate in beta frequency which is 14 cycles per second to about 30 cycles per second. That's planning that's organizing your day that's figuring out how to do something. It's working on a logic problem. And the mind is engaged in thinking on a very superficial level, purely physical level that creates beta frequency in the mind.

When you begin to settle down, and zone out and stop thinking and being 100% on the physical outside world and start thinking and coming inward, then you go into alpha. Alpha is the band of frequencies from about 7 to 14 cycles per second. We know this from electro encephalography (EEG) where we place electrodes on someone's head. And we can see how their neurons are firing because they're like little batteries, and they're always sending tiny electrical signals around as they operate. And so as your brain cells are operating, we can detect what is the frequency of their operation, are they operating in a very fast mode or very slow mode.

So alpha is the frequency of being on the threshold between physical and subtle. And then if we go deeper, in lower frequency coming to the theta frequency, that's about 5 to 7 cycles per second. This is the band of frequency has been associated with an increase in creativity. This is the frequency Your mind is operating in, when you're having a lucid dream, theta frequency, we utilize that because that's really important. Because we want to invoke theta frequency in our minds to help us in manifestation.

And then the lower level is the Delta frequency, that's where the mind is going into shut down when you go into deep sleep and you're not dreaming anymore, totally asleep. But we're going to be using the conscious thinking mind and those various frequencies plus the subconscious mind of the subconscious mind does not have a physical component. It has a subtle components called the prana Maya kosha.

We have five bodies, we have the physical body, that's called Ana Maya kosha. And we have the prana Maya kosha, which is the energy body and or some people call it the astral body. Then we have the mano Maya kosha. Mano means mind mana mind. That is the mental body and that is the unconscious mind, according to psychologists, and psychiatrists.

There are even more profound levels of mind. There's the Vijanamaya kosha, and anandamaya kosha. So we have these five bodies and each body has its own mind. It's kind of like you have a whole collection of information and memories that you're not readily able to access in your conscious mind. So when we perform Tri-Mana Samyama, we're going to engage three levels of mind simultaneously, conscious thinking mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind. three levels of ourselves three different bodies are going to be engaged. And this makes the whole process even more powerful. Because each deeper level of mind is 10 times more creative 10 times more intelligent and more powerful than the more superficial levels of mind.

If you can connect with the creative aspect of yourself in the subconscious mind, then you can compose a beautiful Symphony, you can paint a fantastic picture, you can create an incredible sculpture, because you are drawing on creativity and energy that you that almost no one has access to in their physical mind. We are going to be able to engage all three levels of mind.

Then the fifth technique you'll learn is called yogic flying. This is from the yoga sutras of Patanjali. A book written about 1600 years ago. Patanjali is an Ascended Master. He's actually working on this program with us, which is one of the reasons this technique is here. This technique creates integration between your physical body and your prana body. Typically, in this age called Kali Yuga, the prana body is almost completely disconnected from the physical body just a little bit, maybe only five or 10% 15%, in some people of prana body is connected to the physical body. Because of this, we are literally just barely alive, we don't know what it's like to be truly alive, until we integrate the full power of our prana body and subconscious mind into our physical body and conscious thinking mind. Once we can do this, we can do amazing things.

You know, in a dream, you're having a lucid dream, and you're thinking, wow, I'm dreaming, I can fly if I want to, and away you go flying. Or I can do anything. Why can't you do that in physical, because of this fracture, this break between the physical body and the prana body. Now we're going to bring those together using the techniques of yoga sutras of Patanjali. And when we do accomplish this, we will find that we can literally think I want to fly up in the air, I want to fly to San Francisco, I want to fly to Thailand, and away we go. Physically, the physical body will obey the mind. Because it has the energy to do it. It's like our physical body is a robot, and it's barely getting enough energy to stand up and stumble around. If we can fully connect that robot to its energy source, it is like Superman, and it can do anything. And this is literally what happens when we make this connection.

Flying comes in four stages. And the first stage is mostly physical. In fact, it's about 85 to 90% physical using physical muscles. But there is an impulse and you're feeling it, you're feeling your prana body levitating. And your physical body is trying to keep connected. And it is this connection between physical and prana body that makes it work.

The second stage of levitation is floating, hovering levitating above floor. The third stage is literally flying through the air with the physical body. Now there are some limitations. On the third stage. If you do want to go to San Francisco, from London, in your physical body, you can't literally fly 7000 miles an hour. Because the wind will rip your skin off your face. You are literally still a physical body. You know, if you ride a motorcycle, once you get up to about 35 - 40 miles an hour, you have to have some protection on your body because the wind is terrible. So that's what happens with flying in the third stage. It's limited to wind resistance and things like that because you're still physical.

So you take it to a deeper level. It's called teleporting, teleportation. Beam me up Scotty, we can literally do this, the body will instantly transfer to any other place in this illusory dream world that we live in. And we think we have physical world we don't it is a dream. If we can transcend deep enough, connect deep enough levels of ourselves, we can teleport. And that's all part of the yogi flying technology will teach you how to do this. And the amazing thing is it only takes one or two hours to learn this.

When you reach the stage of just levitation floating in the air, you'll discover you're not hungry anymore. No need for physical food. You don't need the energy of the physical world to run your body. It's kind of like the difference between a nuclear power train, and a steam powered train that burns coal. You don't need coal anymore. You nuclear energy, you can literally do anything with your body. Why does the body No when you ask it to levitate? Because it's lost its connection with this energy source. We don't need physical food, we don't need supplements, we don't need vitamin C anymore. All this is provided in abundance by the prana field. It's a side benefit of yogic flying, it's a side benefit of this whole program, you're going to learn all these techniques.

Now, in this occupation, professional meditator, you're paid to meditate, this is your profession and you will need to learn these techniques, and they're very simple. To perfect these techniques takes a bit of time. And that's because of karma. We are already the creator of the universe. But we don't know it, we can't act like it, we can't do what the creator can do. Because of karma. Now we have to get rid of the karma, how do we do it?

These techniques, all five of them, focus on balancing karma. It's not so much that we're attaining some psychic ability or some supernatural ability, what we're doing is we're uncovering that ability that already exists. And that's covered over by karmic traces. Karma is any action that we've ever performed, and in the last 150 trillion years lived here in this universe - do the math on that you'll find you've had billions of lifetimes. And these billions of lifetimes, you've made lots and lots and lots and lots of mistakes. And that is accumulated into this huge mountain range of karma, that you have to carry around with you, that makes you feel heavy.

We're going to balance all that karma, and then it just opens up your life, to the way the creator created you in the first place. You're undoing, paying back all your mistakes. And this can all be done mentally, and a little bit physically, because karma exists in the physical body to, for example, scientists tell us the in the genome project, they were mapping the human genome, and what does everything in the DNA do? They discovered 90%, doesn't do anything. You just take all that out and you are still a “normal” human being walking around. That doesn't make any sense. Because why would the Creator create something that's 90% not functional? Well, He didn't. It's all functional. But it's covered with karma. And the karma in the physical body is physical. We inherited it from our parents, it's in our DNA. Now we have to balance that and lots of techniques come into play, that can be used. But these five are very powerful. And so we spend most of our time on these, and they will balance our karma.

Every day, when you sit down to do your work, your profession and you meditate, you're going to be balancing boatloads of karma. And the result is you're going to become more and more enlightened every day. And eventually, you truly realize that you are the Creator of the universe. And you know manifesting these 1,000 communities then, is a spontaneous process of practicing these techniques.

This is going to be literally the easiest job you've ever had, it's going to be the most fun job you've ever had. It's going to be the most fulfilling job you've ever had. I mean, this is really a job made in heaven. And we're going to learn how to do it in only five days. That's quite an amazing situation.

How does it work? How do you get paid? That's a common question. There's a little more detail here that I'm not going to go into right now. You can read it when you get this document on how communities actually manifest. What are some of the other processes we use? One is called the silent subliminals, and we use the Vedic literature called Brahma Sutras. We use the Hemi sync technology of Robert Monroe. He has a waking induce lucid dreaming, Hemi sync.

Hemi sync is interesting. You have to wear headphones, you do have a little bit of equipment, you're going to have these headphones. You'll be given also a little piece of equipment called a God Vitara. God Vitara is basically a headband, put it on your head. It has these little modules attached to it. These create brainwave coherence frequencies that are being transmitted into your brain as you wear this and into your ears as you were the headphone, all of this gets your 84 billion neurons are working together, then you have what's called brainwave coherence.

We're going to be we'll be giving you all of this, it's all part of the package. Okay, so how do you get paid. All right. There are seven meditation sessions every day, we do have to meditate together. And we meditate together over the zoom platform, initially, at least, maybe we find something better. We're going to have 1,000 people, your colleagues, there are going to be 1,000 of you meditating every day. And you can meditate as many times as you'd like, up to seven sessions.

For each session that you sign up for, you'll be paid 25 cents for each new community member that joins in the month. So if you sign up for one session, working 90 minutes a day, then over the next five years, as community members join, you'll make a total of $250,000 US dollars. You'll be paid this monthly as people join the community project with our pre enrollment program. These communities aren't physical yet. So what people do is they find out about them. They say, Okay, I want to do this, how much do I have to contribute in order to build the community that I want to live in the next several 1000 years.

That's another aspect of this program, we're going to invoke what's called is satyug kaya, kalpa program, which will reverse your aging process, you'll become 25 years old again. And you'll be able to live for as long as you like 1,000s of years no problem. See this period we're going into, after the idiots that run our governments and the COVID-19 stupidity is over is called the Satyug golden age, we're going into this, it's happening. And we're going to be there for it. It's will be fantastic. Literally a 10,000 year heaven on earth that has been organized, for the human race by the Ascended Masters, and we want to be there for it. And we want to be there in full ability.

We will be enlightened Vedic masters and we will be spiritual teachers. And we will have a very long lifespan. Because there's going to be a lot of people that make it through this period called pralaya. Rely is a period we find in the Vedic literature between agents between different time periods in the day of brahma and the lifetime of the Creator, resolve these massive cycles. And I'll send you more information about and you can find out about this on our website. Please look at golokaproject.org but it's a big long discussion. We'll get into it.

Basically, we're going through a transition period from the depths of Kali Yuga, where everybody barely can live 100 years, to a period of Satyug, where typically, people live for 100,000 years, everybody can love and fade where everybody has superhuman abilities and incredible intelligence. Everything is done with the mind, you don't need computers, you don't need planes and trains, everything can be done in the mind, you can literally physically move and experience everything, in the comfort of your own mind. And you can physically go there too.

Alright, so if you do one session a day takes 90 minutes. When you're doing that session, you're injecting energy patterns into the collective human consciousness. You have probably heard of 100th monkey effect. Literally, this is a research study, in which some scientists wanted to see Is there a collective consciousness among monkeys. So they trained a few monkeys on an island in the South Pacific, how to wash their coconuts or bananas before they eat them. And then they looked into Africa and Asia, at the same species of monkey. And at some point, all the monkeys began mimicking the behavior they were taught in South Pacific - impossible? Well, that's because there is a collective consciousness in every species, there is a collective consciousness in the human species.

When we inject the proper frequencies into the collective consciousness of the human race, people are going to start thinking, you know, I'm getting tired of this old crazy world, I want to find out who I am, I'm looking for enlightenment, I need a nice place free from all the masks and the social distancing. And the vaccinations. I need a peaceful place to meditate, they're going to start joining our communities, in large numbers, it'll come through in an exponential form, at first a few, then the next month more people then more people then more people and finally hundreds of 1,000s will be joining every month. And as they join your paid, because you made them join, you've inspired them with your meditation.

We're meditating together in a group because that creates another effect of group dynamics of consciousness, discovered by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and what is also known as Super radiance Effect. When people meditate together, they create a collective consciousness, a little collective consciousness and whatever size the group is, that is greater than the sum of the parts. So if we have 1,000 people meditating, and we're not at enlightenment, yet, maybe we're level of consciousness 350 or 400, or 500. When we're meditating, we're projecting an energy field of an enlightened being, a powerful enlightened being. This is another aspect of the technology that we bring into play.

We're going to be inspiring people in consciousness to join the communities and everyone that the group inspires, you and each member of the group, gets 25 cents. Now if you want to meditate twice a day, that'll take an extra hour and a half, you get double. You meditate three times, you get three times. You can meditate up to four times.

The times are all pacific standard time because we're leading these meditations from Ensenada Mexico. I am now here and we have a meditation at 4:00 in the morning. We have another one at 5:30 in the morning, the other one at nine o'clock in the morning and then 10:30 in the morning. Two o'clock in the afternoon 3:30 in the afternoon and eight o'clock at night. So pick one or more of those times that is reasonable for you wherever you live. That's the best way to do it.

If you're doing one or two meditations, you don't have to meditate every day at the same time. Some days, you may take the four o'clock in the morning meditation, and other days, you may take the eight o'clock in the evening meditation, you can do that, with that flexibility. So it works well, if you're also employed with another job. Or you just want you have a family and children and you want to go to the beach once in a while, you can easily work it into your schedule.

Now when people join the community, they pre enrolled in the community, they have to pay a small amount. Thanks to the global elite, and their plans, if you want to read about their plans go to un.org they have a massive website, where they give out all their plans, agenda 21 agenda 2030. Agenda 2050. Here's how we are going to eliminate the human race. Our beautiful planet is plagued by useless eaters. They are insane and this is their idiotic thinking. They don't know that the Earth was created for human beings. We're not parasites. Were the reason the Universe is here. But anyway, they don't understand that there are agents of destruction. And so they want to destroy everything. And so good luck with that they're not going to be able to do it. We're going to stop that.

As people decide, okay, I want to join this community. What does it cost? Well, if they had to pay the full amount for building a $60 million community, it would cost several hundred thousand dollars for each person contributing their share. Fortunately (for us), the global elite, the bankers, they are going to eliminate all the currencies in the world, the dollar is going down, the Euro is being destroyed. It's happening right now. This is an historical time we live in. This is 1984, happening in 2020. But anyway, all this destruction of currencies and the emergence of the digital dollar or the global digital currency, which already exists now is called SDR – Special Drawing Rights, by the Central Bank, t's going to be opened up to the general public, everyone's going to get a an account at the Central Bank of the world. And this is where your money's going to be.

Now, there's a little bit of a give and take there, governments are going to start giving you a universal basic income. Oh, you don't have to work anymore. All you have to do is just stay at home and be a good citizen, wear your mask, take your vaccinations, social distance, don't touch anybody. And we will pay you so much money every month. universal basic income, and the sheeple, the people who are totally asleep, they don't understand what human life is. They believe this 85% of the world believes this. They think money is generated out of thin air, which it is, but they don't understand that it has no value.

It's all just a giant illusion. Somebody says here's $1. And you'd say Wow, it's worth $1 I have $1. No, you have only a piece of paper or you have a digital digit in your bank account. It means nothing. It's only because all the people are buying in to the illusion that it has some meaning. Well, this is global currency and it will only have meaning because so many people are going to believe it has some value.

But there's a whole counterculture right now going on called cryptocurrency. That's real, different kinds of money, also illusory. But the people in the cryptocurrency universe have one thing in common. They don't buy into the central bank of the world. They don't buy into the global elite, and all this other ridiculous stuff.

There is a counterculture that is growing, there are going to be a billion people, at least, who say I refuse the vaccination. I know what you're doing, you're trying to trick me, you want to kill me, you want to give me cancer, you want to make me into a robot to do exactly what you want me to do. I know what you're up to, and I'm not going to take your vaccination. And so then there's going to be a lot of controversy. And eventually, if you don't do the vaccination, you're going to be labeled an enemy of society. You are this disease bearing monster walking around unvaccinated amongst all the innocents who have been vaccinated. Therefore, you must be captured and put into a cage and quarantined until you agree to go along your vaccination, it's coming down to that we're not going to go along with it, in a billion people are not going to go along with it.

The government is going to have a big challenge on their hands. They know that if you read on the UN website, you're going to find some of their videos. The Economist magazine is a great propaganda organization, for the global elite. And they share a lot of their plans there. If you've studied their plans, you'll find out they know there's going to be about a billion angry people, they're not going to take my vaccinations. So we're going to have to hunt them down, put them in quarantine, we're going to have to eliminate them step by step, putting pressure on them, so that they can't stand to live without the vaccination, because it's going to be so miserable. You won't have a bank account and we take away all your money, we're going to take away your home, we're going to take away your family, it's going to be a horrible life. Now just take the vaccination and it'll be better. This is what they're going to do, they put us in this position.

New Normal

We have a plan B. It's called a Goloka Sanctuary Community. Now the amazing thing about these communities are that they are going to be invincible, you're going to be totally protected by the Ascended Masters. So when you enter one of these communities, the governments are not going to see you anymore, it's like you become invisible. You're going to be invincible, which means you have no karma to attract harm. And this is one of the main reasons people are going to look to join these communities. They are like a life raft, or vehicle to help the people who are seeking enlightenment and in cooperation with the Ascended Masters survive what's coming. And when the currency in the world is destroyed, that's going to cause Bitcoin and Monero, and Ethereum and the cryptocurrencies to rapidly gain value. And in fact, we were told this was going to happen in June and we were given a chart what will be the price of Monero in October, what will be the price in November what will be the price in December and if you go to the website, you can read it. The chart is published there are right on schedule. The Monero is $131. It's risen from $60 in June, and it's going to be worth $10,000 in the next two to five years.

Goloka International Bank

We are forming a bank called the Goloka International Bank. And the Goloka International Bank has a crypto token called GolokaSeed based on the GolokaCoin cryptocurrency. This is all real technical stuff you don't have to know. But in the cryptocurrency world, there's all this terminology and fracturing of the cryptocurrencies into tokens and things like that. But this cryptocurrency is literally going to finance the members share the community for their lifetime. So for about 8600 dollars today, you can have full lifetime membership in a community that'll be worth around $650,000 in the near future, all based on the appreciation of cryptocurrencies. Now, if you want to get out of society sooner, then you can pay more and move into a fully functioning, Goloka Community, like the one we are creating here, it'll be open for business, September 1 2021, you're welcome to come. And you can have the protection of a Goloka Sanctuary Community now if you want to.

As people pay their membership fees, then a portion of that is allocated to you. This is another whole thing. All right, now, we're going to send you this document that I've just showed you, it becomes your enrollment document. And you'll be getting a form to fill out called a DocuSign. form, we use a company called DocuSign. And they allow you to digitally sign a document so you don't have to go around faxing or mailing stuff. And we're going to ask you, where do you want to live? What area of the world you want to live in? Because you're going to be getting a lifetime membership in the community of your choice. You be getting an Invincibility Shield Vitara, to keep you safe. And you're going to have a lifetime endowment. That's all part of this program. So we need to know where you'd like to live. Maybe you want to live in Ireland, maybe you want to live in, in Mount Shasta. You just decide, we are going to have communities almost everywhere that have 5 million population. The other day someone said he wanted to live in Iceland. Unfortunately, Iceland only has a population of 500,000 people. So there won't be a community. So he said, Okay, I want to go to Ireland instead. So anyway, put down where you would like to live. How big is your family, if there's just yourself, it's a one bedroom apartment, it'd be fine. If you have a spouse and two children, and you might need a three or four bedroom apartment, put down the number of bedrooms you need in your apartment. These are luxury apartments, every bedroom has its own ensuite bath. They're very comfortable. And they're going to be wonderful places to live. Also, if you have four family members, you're going to need four endowments. The endowment is a chunk of resources set aside. Right now we're investing in cryptocurrencies and precious metals. And that will grow and be set aside to support you for the rest of your life. This is going to be 1,000s of years.The endowment will be there for each family member. So you just tell us what your family size is where you want to live. And then we figure out today's cost of that. And you pay for that by contributing 20% or so of your earnings. So out of each 25 cents, five cents goes to finance your lifetime membership in the community. It's not going to hurt too much. Instead of $1,000. You'll make $800 for example, instead of $4000 you'll make $3200 in cash and $800 will go into this investment fund at the Goloka International Bank to finance your home and community. Of course, it's voluntary to live in the community. It's not voluntary to have a home and community that's part of the program. But if you don't want to join a community, you don't have to, but you'll always have a home there and it's going to be a very nice place to live.

Ensenada Community Plan with all Features

Your commitment to meditation tell us how many times you are free to meditate every day. And some people are starting out at one and but they're planning to go up to two or three times as they organize their day. And as money starts to come in, maybe they quit their day job, and they begin to build this whole new profession. It's a five-year project. At the end of five years, we don't need money anymore. Now we need a little bit. Okay, so the only gotcha with that plan is, we only have budgeted for 1,000 sessions that everybody takes one session, there's going to be 1,000 meditators. Some people are already taking two, three or four sessions. And so that cuts down the number of possibilities. When we get to 1,000 sessions paid sessions, and we have to stop paying but you can still attend additional Sessions is a great benefit, because it just eases up your life tremendously. You wouldn't get paid for the extra sessions.

So think about that and it will probably be full in about 90 days, you're right at the beginning is only been going on for about 10 days. There's plenty of room now. But in 90 days, we'll probably have our 1,000 sessions limit so then you wouldn't be able to get another paid session. And I'll be sending you this form at the end of our meeting.

Another very important aspect of compensation is the GolokaCoin. Every time you attend a meditation session, you are rewarded with 1/10 of one GolokaCoin. Let's take a look at what are these GolokaCoins. GolokaCoin is an asset backed cryptocurrency that was created in January of this year 2021. GolokaCoins are anonymous, instantly transferable and backed by all of the worldwide assets of The Goloka Project. The Goloka Project is a nonprofit organization established in 2017. When the mission of The Goloka Project is realized and 1,000 communities are all established around the world in late 2025, The Goloka Project should have $500 billion in worldwide asset value.

Now, the GolokaCoin is limited to only 18.4 million coins. So, when the asset value of The Goloka Project reaches 500 billion and divide that by 18.4 million, and each GolokaCoin would be worth $27,000. They should have a market value in excess of $27,000 by the end of 2025, and now they have a value of $30.


The GolokaCoin is a very important part of your compensation, it will result in a large amount of money for you at the end of the project. Like a large bonus. If you attend one meditation session a day for five years, you will accumulate 180 GolokaCoins, which will have the value at the end of the project of $4,860,000. If you attend two sessions a day, then that amount will just double.

The GolokaCoins are valuable because they have intrinsic value. They're backed by the assets of The Goloka Project. Whereas a coin like Bitcoin, it has no intrinsic value. It's basically holding as value because people give it that value is like $1 Bill $1 only has value because everyone agrees that with this $1 you can buy things. if everyone agrees with a Bitcoin, you can buy $60,000 worth of things, then it has that value. In the cryptocurrency exchanges where the cryptocurrencies are traded, there is a lot of speculation going on, which increases the value of Bitcoin. But essentially Bitcoin essentially has no value.

The GolokaCoin is asset backed. What that means is if you go to your crypto currency exchange, to exchange your GolokaCoins for US dollars. And you don't like the price you can always go to The Goloka Project and turn it in for its share of the total assets of The Goloka Project. So, this holds the price stable and gives you a solid way of predicting what the price will be based on the asset value of The Goloka Project.

This is a very important part of your compensation that is added, to give you a final reward bonus at the end of the project. The GolokaCoins cannot be redeemed, for money for cash until at least 18 months into The Goloka Project. That would be near the end of 2022. The Goloka Project will be well on its way and it should have asset value such that you can go to The Goloka Project and exchange your GolokaCoins and receive at least $30 for each one and by the end of the project, $27,000

The most important benefit of participating in the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Meditation is you will soon qualify to recieve your own Archaryadevata. This is your Guru who resides in the Celestial Realms.

A Guru is required for achieving Jivan Mukti because only through the power of ParamaJyoti Shaktipat can sufficient karmic traces be balanced to allow that state to dawn. There are always a few people who come into this life with the karma for spontaneous Jivan Mukti (Ekart Tolle for example) but for the rest of us, we to have a Guru. The Guru must be at least at the Moksha Level 2 stage to be able to properly apply Shaktipat for fast and relatively comfortable progress.

For the seeker after Jivan Mukti, the body is like a burning house - you must achieve Jivan Mukti before the body dies. The Guru will judiciously apply Shaktipat like spraying water on the fire to slow down the progress of aging and speed up the balancing of karmic traces to achieve the Goal before the body is gone. And, this must be accomplished with the least detriment to the Guru's body. Usually, the Guru near the end of his life will select two or three qualified devotees who live in the Ashram and can be monitored on a daily basis. Everytime the Guru gives ParamaJyoti Shaktipat to a disciple, his body will be weakened and damaged. These individuals will achieve Jivan Mukti just as the body of the Guru is finished.

The Guru who is transmitting Shakti has two purposes: 1) balancing of karmic traces in such a way as to efficiently open up the recipient to Jivan Mukti at the earliest opportunity and 2) allowing the temporary experience of some Level of Moksha for encouragement and motivation of the person's ego.

Jivan Mukti (Moksha Level 1 or Cosmic Consciousness) can be experienced well ahead of balancing all karmic traces by judiciously balancing karmic traces that open up the awareness to the Divine Karmic Traces with the sustained experience of Being the Silent Witness. It is like boring a tunnel through the mountain ranges of karma. When the tunnel reaches the "other side" where the Divine Karmic Traces are uncovered, then the individual is able to maintain Being the Silent Witness 24 hours a day. If the individual continues sadhana and continues widening the "tunnel" then the Moksha will progress to Level 2 and Level 3 and eventually Level 4 is achieved when the mountain range has been mostly leveled.

At Moksha Level 4, one is Videha Mukti and also when living in the Celestial Realms after the end of physical life, Videha Mukti can dawn. 

What is the purpose of human existence? Jivan Mukti, or otherwise known as Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness, or Moksha Level 1. This event in life signals the end to the repetitive cycle of birth and death in human and four million other life forms - all propeled by karma.

Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Emergence Event

To balance sufficient karmic traces to allow the experience of Jivan Mukti requires Absolute Shaktipat administered at the precise right moments. This requires the dedicated attention of one's Guru who has achieved Videha Mukti (Brahman Consciousness). This is where the Acharyadevatas come in, to take responsibility for each SSB meditator attaining first Jivan Mukti then eventually Videha Mukti.

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* Meditation Experience What experience do you have with meditation? Do you practice Transcendental Meditation or Atmavedi Meditation? When did you start meditating? Are you regular in your daily practice?
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The following is the information that is required to complete your application to be paid to perform the Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Meditation, also called the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Meditation.

All training that you need for this meditation will be provided to you at no cost and you can start immediately when you are approved and enrolled in the course. You will receive an email within the next 24 hours with your approval and enrollment in the course.

You will work from your home, anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet. You must have a laptop, tablet or full-size computer with camera and microphone. You are paid as an Independent Contractor so no taxes are withheld from your earnings. We can pay you in Bitcoin or USD.

Your earnings are paid out to you monthly over the next 5 years as one million join their Communities, at the rate of $0.25 per new member who joined in the month, per Session.

When you submit this form, we will prepare your agreement and set it up in the Docusign app. Then Docusign will send you an email to sign the document. When you sign the document, we will receive a copy and then your enrollment in the Program can be finalized.

We will then enroll you in the MahaVideha University Course 310 which includes as the first 8 Lessons all the required training that you must complete. Once you have completed these 8 Lessons, you can start meditating with the group and instructions will be sent to you via email.

* Size of Residence How many bedrooms do you need in your private Community Residence? (1 to 7)
* Number of Adults How many Adults (age 18 and over) will be living in your private Community Residence (1 to 4)
* Number of Children How many Children (age 17 and under) will be living in your Apartment (1 to 4)
* Number of Meditations How many Meditation Sessions will you participate in every day?
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