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About the Goloka Project

The Goloka Project offers privately owned Community Residence Memberships at 1,000 locations world-wide. These are well appointed (5-star health resorts), full-featured, large (1,000 residents), Intentional Communities offering a holistic lifestyle that is in tune with values of a person who has decided to opt-out of an ever-expanding control grid society that is the opposite of individual human freedom, and achieve the ultimate state of individual human freedom, called Moksha, Liberation, Enlightenment or Self-Realization. These Communities feature the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for life extension and age reversal. In addition to the personal benefits the residents gain, there is a positive effect on the collective consciousness of Humanity.Intentional Community VIN DiagramOne of the most inspiring things about the Goloka Sanctuary Communities is finding a way of life that makes it possible to live out your ideals and to put your beliefs and values into practice on a daily basis. Not only can you live out your passion but you can do it with a sense of integrity. Through being a member of a group of like-minded people who share the same set of values as you – Self-Realization as the goal of human existence, compassion and co-operation, non-violence, social justice and care of the environment - you can enjoy a sense of wholeness, connectedness and integrity that is not easily found elsewhere. Plus, in the world of the Great Reset, where all property will be owned and controlled by an elite few and the implementation of a eugenics program to terminate the lives of at least 95% of the world’s population, all who wish to live normal, happy, prosperous and productive human lives will become enemies of the State and will have to find large Intentional Communities that will not be destroyed by the State, to support them if they are to survive.

Community Celebration

Goloka Sanctuary Communities are for a group of people who come together for the purpose of esoteric study in order to collaborate with spiritual beings to prepare for the next epoch of the development of humanity and in this way to fulfil the potential of humanity on earth. And in this process of preparation, humanity would transcend blood, racial and national ties and makes its enlightened way to the freedom of the individual. In the next epoch of our development, having progressed from group consciousness to ego consciousness, we would finally arrive at the higher level of universal consciousness. In this future stage of our development, the well-being of the individual will depend upon the well-being of the whole. No individual will be able to be at peace if another individual somewhere else is suffering.

Goloka Sanctuary Communities are the epoch of the universal community of humanity, and it seems obvious that living in such a community is the best possible way of getting in some practice for this.

There have always been people who step out of mainstream society and declare that they have found a better way of living and that once others can see how successful they are, then slowly the whole world will follow their example and we will all be saved. A new age of peace, harmony and universal brotherhood will be ushered in.

Numerous intentional communities have come and gone over the years, each new one building on what went before. While the dream has not yet been realized, nonetheless, within a sheltered social setting, separate from mainstream society, where people share similar values and worldviews and are to some extent free to make up their own rules, intentional communities have become places of experimentation in which alternative prototypes for a better society are modelled.

Intentional communities have been called “social laboratories”. Some of society’s better ideas were first tried out and refined in historical intentional communities. The list of these ideas and values is impressive and includes the abolition of slavery, many aspects of social justice and social welfare, the co-operative movement, universal education, women’s’ rights and, more recently, permaculture, environmental and ecological sustainability.

Today’s intentional communities have taken the lead in social group processes, conflict resolution, alternative energy systems, ecological design of buildings, landscape preservation and restoration, and a wide range of tools and techniques for resilience, self-reliance and a sustainable future.

The Goloka Project is striving to provide an all-inclusive spiritual community for singles and families to live and prosper during the coming years of social conflict and government control as a few wealthy elite hope to become the owners of our Earth. Our flagship community is being organized in the Santo Tomas area, south of Ensenada, Mexico. Here is our plan:

Ensenada Community Plan with all Features

There is a rare opportunity now to join this community as International Staff. We will be moving in near the end of October of 2021. So if you are free to come to Mexico in the next 6-12 months, this is for you. Please see this list of openings: https://www.golokaproject.com/Now5D/EmploymentOpportunities/

There are also two other ways you can join this community now and move in right away:

  • Buy a full-time apartment residence or luxury villa with a lifetime membership (prices range from $275k for 1-bedroom apartment for 1 person to $1.3 million for a family of 4 in a luxury villa)
  • Buy a time-share for 1 to 8 weeks (for example, 2-bedroom for 2 adults for 4 weeks a year is $37k)

GolokaCoinFor a limited time, until the first 1,000 people signup, you will also receive matching GolokaCoins for your investment. So, in effect, your net cost is zero! Read about GolokaCoins here: https://www.golokacoin.com/Now5D/donate


For the first one thousand people who like to meditate, a Lifetime Membership and Residence in a Goloka Sanctuary Community is being granted for FREE by joining the Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Meditation Core Group.

Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/golokacommunities

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