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Goloka Sanctuary Community Lifetime Home and Membership


Safe Passage into The Satyug Golden Age
for One Million People

The Goloka Sanctuary Community offers to provide your home throughout the pralaya and keep you safe from the Global Elite Technocracy’s Authoritarian Government which seeks to eventually exterminate over 93% of the world’s population. As a Member and resident of the Community, you will immediately enjoy the blissful dawn of the Golden Age which characterizes community life, and then the full sunshine of the Golden Age that will arise when the pralaya is finished in 10 to 20 years.

Community Celebration

In order to provide this service to you, your Community is opting-out of this government that seeks to control and dominate the entire world. Your Community will be totally self-sufficient and aloof from the government, requiring none of their services, and will not be connected to their 5G based control grid. We will not accept their vaccines and we will not be tagged and tracked like slaves. We will live free and thrive during the coming time when the rest of the world is forced into mega cities where the residents will be slowly and painfully exterminated. The government of the world will simply ignore us while enforcing their dominion over the rest of the population.

But, why will your Community be immune to authoritarian government domination and control?

This freedom from governmental control and domination is attributed to Community Invincibility – we will simply have no enemy. This is the great challenge of our time, but we have the knowledge and technology to make this our reality.

How do we ensure Invincibility for the Community?

What does Invincibility really mean? Will we have some magic shield that bullets and bombs will just bounce off? No, it is simpler than that. We will simply have no enemies. No one from the government will think to harm us. When we create our Community properly, there will be absolutely zero resistance to our peaceful existence. In fact, everyone around us, who are not in the Community, will see the Community as a wonderful benefit in their lives and they will support us.

Let’s explore how this could be possible.

All negativity, hatred, anger and conflict arise from individual karmic traces. All peace, harmony and love arise from Divine Karmic Traces. It is therefore very simple: our Community will be a center of influence of Divine Karmic Traces.

This brings us to the necessity of understanding the mechanics of our Universe and how karma arises. Our Universe exists in the Mind of God and is being created now by God use the same process we use when we create a dream - by thinking it into existence. Thinking a thought is the most subtle of actions, but every thought, being an action creates karma (a Sanskrit word that means action). Karma in its most basic form is simply a vibration or frequency in the consciousness of the thinker. So, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." (John 1, King James Version of the Holy Bible)

We will call the residual of these Thoughts that created our Universe, "Divine Karmic Traces". Some say "The Will of God" or "Natural Law" or "All the Laws of Nature" and mean the same thing.

Now we come to the people created by God who are creating actions which are discordant frequencies in the Universe. We call these discordant frequencies “karma”. To keep things straight, we will call the actions of people “individual karma” and the Actions of God are “Divine Karma” or the Will of God.

If a person does something that is perfectly in accord with the Divine Karma, then no individual karma is created because the action supports Divine Karma and magnifies it. But if the person does something that is not perfectly in accord with the Divine Karma, then some individual karma is created. The Divine Karma provides for this creation of individual karma by embedding the chaotic frequencies of the karma in the DNA and passing it down from generation to generation. This causes the individual karma to "haunt" its creator’s children and their children, and so on, until it is balanced; this is "The Law of Karma". Whatever you do that is not totally supportive of the Universe and all life in the Universe, will create a boomerang of energy that will keep coming back to you and your children and their children, until someone in the hereditary chain balances it out with the exact opposite action.

To keep it simple, think about wave form interaction. The wave forms illustrated on the next page represent a frequency within an action. We show a Divine Karma wave form (red on top, left) and an individual karma wave form (blue on bottom). If the individual action is perfectly in accord with the Will of God, then the Universe is supported and the Will of God is magnified and strengthened, as represented by the purple wave on the right.

Constructive Interference Waves 

But what happens when the individual action is not in accord with all the Laws of Nature? As you can see below, the result is chaotic and destructive in the Universe. In this case, the individual karma will remain, reverberating around the Universe, boomeranging back on to the creator and his or her subsequent generations, seeking to be balanced, and meanwhile the creator of the action and his or her subsequent generations will suffer from the chaos that action has created, as illustrated in the image below.

Wave Interference

So, how do you balance the karma that you or your ancestors created, that you now struggle with in this life because it was passed down to you in your DNA?

By doing another action that is exactly the opposite of what was created in the past. In the image below, we have an illustration of this destructive interference. In this example, let’s say the red wave on the top left represents the original individual karma that was not in accord with Divine Karma, and the lower blue line represents the action you just took that perfectly balanced that original individual karma. The result is perfect balance, represented by the purple line on the right, in the image on the next page, “Destructive wave interference”.

Destructive Interference Waves

Your life arose upon a foundation of Divine Karma, covered over by a random collection of the individual karmic traces inherited from your parents and your past lives. This individual karma, covering Divine Karma, is a huge influence in your life. It is this individual karma that you inherited that makes your life into what you have to deal with every single day now.

Imagine billions of people, all creating individual karma and most of it is not perfectly balanced. It is no wonder our world is like it is today.

What happens to this individual karma? It is passed on to the children of the creator of the individual karma: “the sins (karma) of the father [and mother] fall on the children.” Wow, what a mess!

All of this individual karma that we carry forms into a web of karmic traces that almost totally obscures the Divine Karmic Traces (Will of God) and this creates a life of problems, struggle, unhappiness, and all negativity that we experience. When we were originally created in the image of God, all of life was Bliss and happiness, but we have all been born now with a huge web of individual karmic traces.

The good news is, we can balance the individual karmic traces and then they become transparent to the Divine Karmic Traces and our life returns to one of Bliss and happiness. In the Vedic Tradition, this life is called Moksha, or the more modern term is Enlightenment. Moksha means Liberation and Freedom - freedom from the binding and obscuring influence of our individual karmic traces. This means, the individual who has achieved Moksha is always aware of the Presence of God and enjoys Communication with God, 24 X 7 for the rest of his or her life.

So, our number one task in life should be to balance our individual karmic traces. There are mental techniques that create an influence to balance karma where it resides as karmic traces in the physical body (anamaya kosha) and conscious thinking mind, plus the emotional body (pranamaya kosha) and the subconscious mind and the mental body (manomaya kosha) and the unconscious mind. Here is an image that shows us these three minds:

Human Mind with Koshas 

Our storehouse of karmic traces is located in these three bodies. In the physical body, the karmic traces are found choking the DNA. These karmic traces are responsible for our limited abilities, less than perfect health, and the aging of the body. In the emotional body they are emotional energies, giving us unhappiness, fear, jealousy, greed, and anger. In the mental body they are literally imperfect knowledge constructs, internal lies about how the Universe functions and our proper role in the Universe.

When the individual karmic traces of a group, whether it be the world as a whole, a nation, a province, a city, or a community, are taken together, the result is the karma of a collective consciousness. It is the karma of a collective consciousness that determines what the group, as a whole, will experience. Plus, the karma of each individual determines exactly what the individual will experience.

When a group of people come together in a community, something called “emergence” arises. Emergence refers to the observation that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts; furthermore, the whole is qualitatively different. A system composed of many constituent interacting parts has properties that we often cannot anticipate from knowledge of the properties of the individual parts. This concept is evident in many phenomena at the heart of physics, chemistry, and biology.

All the parts that make a complete car

Take for example, all the many parts that can be assembled into a functioning automobile. If we lay all those parts on the ground, we can only extract some utility from each part and that utility will be very small compared to the utility of the whole, functioning automobile. If we are seated amidst the collection of parts and a grizzly bear walks up and begins to growl at us, we can throw car parts at the bear and hope it will run away. But we have a low probability of success in this case. However, if we are seated on the hood of our fully functioning automobile, we only have to scramble inside, start the engine and drive away to a safe location, leaving the bear far behind. Now we appreciate how the utility of the automobile is far greater than the collection of its parts.

When a Spiritual Community forms, there is the emergence of much greater wholeness than the individual contributions of its members. The Community creates a collective consciousness that elevates every single member to a higher level of consciousness, even the member who is already at a level of consciousness that is greater than any other single member enjoys an even greater level of consciousness, thanks to the emergence effect of the community.

So, theoretically it might be possible for a single person of high level of consciousness, which directly corresponds to less individual karmic traces, to stroll through the next 10 to 20 years of this highly destructive pralaya and emerge unscathed, it is unlikely. Why? Until a person has reached Moksha Level 4 (Brahman Consciousness)  there are still individual karmic traces to balance and that person is not Invincible. Brahman Consciousness is extremely rare. Many generations will pass before a single person is found to have achieved this Level of Consciousness. But if that person joins a community of other like-minded individuals who also have high levels of consciousness, the emergence created will make the entire community Invincible, thereby protecting every member in the community from harm.

Goloka Sanctuary Communities are formed of many individuals who have made significant strides in the balancing of their individual karmic traces. These communities are unplugged from the “matrix” of the brain-washed masses of people who will follow the orders of the globalists until their early death. The most likely survivors of the pralaya will be members of spiritual communities, who will emerge to enjoy the Satyug Golden Age, as was predicted by Krishna Himself at the end of His last incarnation into human form about 5,000 years ago.

To ensure that all Goloka Sanctuary Community members will be Invincible and hence will add to the overall Invincibility of the Community, all members will have the Goloka Sanctuary Community Invincibility Shield Vitara.

Invincibility Shield Vitara

The Community Invincibility Shield

The Shield consists of the following:

  1. Ekam Vitara Network[#] – provides the frequencies of the next Level of Consciousness to elevate the member’s Level of Consciousness,while simultaneously contributing maximum to the elevation of world collective consciousness.
  2. MahaYajña Dasha Bhukti Vitara[#] – protects the member from all future karma that has not yet manifested in the life and balances existing negative karmic traces.
  3. Nirvana Vitara[#] – magnifies the sadhana of members to rapidly elevate their Level of Consciousness
  4. Goloka Project Sahasra Sirsha Brahma Meditation[#] – with this powerful meditation you will be able to manifest your Community using the creation technique of Samyama.
  5. Atmavedi Meditation instruction with Tri-Mana Samyama on Esoteric MahaMantra[#] – this includes
    • Dharana with your transcending mantra
    • Dhyana – connection with the Silent Witness
    • Tri-Mana Samyama on the Esoteric MahaMantra
    • Advanced Meditation Program with Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Your Lifetime Goloka Sanctuary Community Membership is your safe haven home for surviving the pralaya and beyond into the Golden Age. These are 1,000 fully self-sustainable communities planned to be located in 120 countries around the world. There will be accommodations for 1,000 people in each community.

Here are two examples of Communities in the final planing stages, one in New Mexico, USA and one in Santo Tomas, Baja California Norte, Mexico.

Angel Fire, New Mexico USA

Here are the plans for the Angel Fire Community in northern New Mexico. Your Membership includes your choice of a private 1, 2, 3, or 4-bedroom apartment or 1-2 acres of land (Forest Estate) for you to build your ideal home on, that is yours for life with all access to the following community features in one of the 1,000 communities:

  • Golden Meditation Dome
  • MahaVideha University Campus
  • MahaVideha School Campus
  • Ayurvedic Health Center
  • Recreation Center and Health Spa with
    • Yoga Studios
    • Pilates
    • Olympic Swimming Pools (indoor and outdoor)
    • Tennis Courts
    • Basketball Courts
    • Badminton Courts
    • 18-hole Championship Golf Course
    • Fitness Gym
    • Bicycle Paths
    • Running Paths
    • Organic Gardens
    • Ahimsa Dairy
    • Community Mall with grocery store, pharmacy, clothing stores, hair salons

Every member enjoys the full Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for Age Reversal[5]

The overall plan for the Goloka Sanctuary Community in Angel Fire, New Mexico, USA is shown below. It will have 121 Shungite/Basalt/Concrete 3-family domes to provide accommodations for 1,000 individuals (single, married couples and families). Plus 6 large domes for the ahimsa dairy, 6 large domes for the organic gardens and 6 large domes for the University and School. Plus, there is a very large Ashram dome, and 4 more large domes for community activities and recreation. Solar panels provide electricity for the facility.

Goloka Community 3D layout labeled small

Everyone in the community will be enjoying the transition from a Kaliyuga diet to the Pranic Energy Lifestyle of Satyug, so the organic gardens and dairy are ultimately for those under the age of 25. This transition to a Pranic Energy Lifestyle is natural as individuals rise to Brahman Consciousness in this sattvic environment.

The Goloka Sanctuary Communities will all be MahaVideha University campuses so the residents can achieve Krishna Realization during their stay. Each Community will also have a MahaVideha Gurukul for the children and a SriVyuha Ashram. Shown below is an aerial view of the 400-acre mountain top mesa for the Angel Fire Community with the plans superimposed.

Angel Fire Community 

Shown below are pictures of the homes in the Community that we intend to build.

Angel Fire Pictures 1

Angel Fire Pictures 2

Angel Fire Pictures 3

Many people have expressed an interest in living near the Goloka Spiritual Community but essentially living alone in their own tree house, or berm, or tiny house, or full-sized conventional home. This is now possible with the Goloka Community Mountain Forest Estates.

The Mountain Forest Estates consist of 1.5 acres of forest that surrounds the Goloka Spiritual Community on the 10,000 foot mountain top property in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Initially we will have 400 acres but eventually we want to secure the other 600 acres there and that will give us the entire mountain top mesa.

On the original 400 acres we have 140 Mountain Forest Estates available. A few of these are on the rim of the mountain so they have a beautiful vista of the surrounding mountains and valleys below. These are the Mountain Vista Forest Estates.

Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estates
Mountain Forest Estates
Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Vista Estates
Mountain Vista Forest Estates

Each estate will have water from a local well or from the large Community well, depending on the location. Solar will be used until we have the small nuclear reactors operating, then your estate will be connected to the Community power grid, which will be all underground. Each estate will have a septic system for waste.

The Community has a biogas system to transform vegetable waste into cooking fuel and each estate will be connected to the central biogas system. Also, as an Estate resident, you will have full access to all Community facilities, including the large meditation pyramid, MahaVideha University, MahaVideha School, organic vegetable and fruit gardens, the ahimsa dairy, ayurvedic health center, the recreation center with its large indoor swimming pool, pilates and yoga studios, and personal grooming salons. The Community is just a short walk from your Estate.

Here is an image of the property with buildings and estates illustrated (click on the image to see a larger size):

Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estates

The following are some of the possible Estate home designs that you can order:

Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estate Forest house Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estate a-frame Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estate Tree house
Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estate Berm
Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estate Conventional amoung the trees Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estate A-Frame
Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estate Log Cabin Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estate Modern Forest Goloka Community Angel Fire Mountain Estate Vista house

But, do not limit yourself! Almost anything you can conceive can be created in the Forest Estates. There are these Lifetime Membership options:

  • Basic Mountain Forest Estate - approximately 1.5 acres of interior forest land, includes access to all utilities and a private driveway from the Community to your Estate. Full access to all community amenities such as the organic gardens, meditation pyramid, the schools, recreation center and ayurvedic health center. You can temporarily (maximum 1 year) park an RV on the Estate and hook up to electric, water and sewer that is provided on a level RV pad that will be provided at no additional cost.
  • Basic Mountain Vista Forest Estate - approximately 1.5 acres of vista forest land, includes access to all utilities and a private driveway from the Community to your Estate. Full access to all community amenities such as the organic gardens, meditation pyramid, the schools, recreation center and ayurvedic health center. You can temporarily (maximum 1 year)park an RV on the Estate and hook up to electric, water and sewer that is provided on a level RV pad that will be provided at no additional cost.
  • For both Estates, the actual cost of the residence will be paid directly to the contractor who builds the home. There are minimum building codes and restrictions. The home must be build on site (no mobile homes allowed) but manufactured homes that meet the specifications of the Community may be permitted.

To reserve your Estate, please send an email to registrar@golokaproject.org and mention which type of Estate you are interested in and include your telephone number and best time to call. Someone will contact you to answer all questions.

Santo Tomas Mexico Goloka Sanctuary Community

Santo Tomas Mexico Goloka Sanctuary Community Plan with all Features

Here are some of the features of the Santo Tomas Goloka Community, located about 50km south of Ensenada (starting top right of the above image):

  • Solar Panel covered parking lot for all private vehicles. We want to keep our Community, located in a beautiful canyon that leads directly to the Pacific Ocean, clean. Sort of like taking off your shoes before entering the house.
    Solar Parking Lot
    - we will use electric golf carts, electric bikes, conventional bikes, walking and the Bullet Train for internal community transportation.
    Solar Powered Golf Cart
    The golf carts have solar panels on the roof and it is always sunny in Mexico, so every cart will always be fully charged and ready to take you through the beautiful canyon with its fifteen miles of green asphalt cart / bicycle paths. On one side of these roads is a soft bark covered foot path for walking and jogging, and on the other side is a horse trail for the more than 200 riding horses that are stabled in large barns central to each of the housing neighborhoods.
  • The Bullet Train: this is an elevated electric train that silently glides 12 to 20 feet above the canyon floor, operated from a simple push button control panel, like a horizontal elevator - there are several destinations, such as Neighborhood 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Centrum, Golf Course, and Gardens. At each destination there is a station that is an elevated (track high) open pavilion where up to 100 people can gather to board the train, which has a single 50-foot car that will accommodate the people. The car is like a subway car with seating around the periphery and poles and straps for standing in the center. The train is powered by the energy from solar panels on the roofs of the pavilions with batteries located in the floor for nighttime use.
  • 16 5-bedroom Villas, each with a private swimming pool, on 1 acre landscaped lots, in the mountains overlooking the Centrum. Each villa is self-sufficient for electrical energy with solar panels on the roof and batteries and controllers installed in a utility shed.
    5-Bedroom Villas
  • 124 Triplex Apartment Buildings, with 1,2,3 and 4-bedroom apartments. Each apartment building is self-sufficient for electrical energy with solar panels on the roof and batteries and controllers installed in a utility shed.
    Santo Tomas Triplex 1
    Santo Tomas Triplex 2
  • In the Community Centrum is found MahaVideha University and MahaVideha School (a total of 6 buildings) where hundreds gather daily to enjoy their increasing creativity.  Each building is self-sufficient for electrical energy with solar panels on the roof and batteries and controllers installed in a nearby utility shed. The University is designed to accommodate 250 students as well as the School.

    MVU Logo 3D   MahaVideha School Logo
  • Meditation Dome modeled after the Auroville Dome and is 220 feet in diameter so it is large enough to accommodate all 1,000 Community Residents. Each round cell in the roof of the dome that can face the sun is a solar cell. The energy produced by the dome is used for the dome and the Krishna Lake. Here is where everyone gathers to explore the depths of Group Dynamics of Consciousness Meditation to rise to full Brahman Consciousness and simultaneously life the collective consciousness of the five million people living in the area surrounding the Community to LOC 350
    Meditation Dome
  • Krishna Lake Goloka Projector - this is an oval lake 200 feet by 300 feet, 4 feet deep maximum, lined with Shungite sand for miraculous healing properties. There is a water fall at each end and a Radha Krishna statue fountain in the center. The statue is 12 feet tall and made of resin, painted realistically. Inside the statue is a large quartz crystal that is connected to an amplifier which is broadcasting the entire Rig Veda into the Prana Field. There are also transducers in the lake that fill the water with these healing vibrations. The Lake is a large Goloka Projector that projects its Satyug influence throughout the Community. Water has Epsom Salts dissolved in it and it purified by 3 filters with UV lights. There are lights underwater all around the perimeter and in the center. The water is maintained at 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The center fountain is connected to the well and bubbles up in the lotus flowers that the statue stands on to keep the lake full and there are spillways at each end, under the water falls to drain off excess water. There is no swimming in the lake, instead one will float on the back in the warm water for up to 1 hour and enjoy healing of all problems in the body.
    Krishna Lake Goloka Projector
  • Ayurvedic Health Center is the place for herbal supplements, Krishna C60 Amrit, panca karma deep oil massage, Shirodhara Therapy. The building is self-sufficient for electrical energy with solar panels on the roof and batteries and controllers installed in a nearby utility shed. This is the center of the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme for age-reversal and life-extension, leading to the development of a Satyug Physiology that one can maintain in the physical realm for thousands of years in youthful vigor and perfect health.
    Ayurvedic Health Center


  • Recreation center with 300 foot circular swimming pool that has a clamshell dome to cover it during the night and in cool weather so the pool is usable year around, plus a Pilates Studio, Yoga Studio, Racquetball courts, Tennis courts, playground with water slide for the children, Basketball court, and Fitness Gym. The building is self-sufficient for electrical energy with solar panels on the roof and batteries and controllers installed in a nearby utility shed.

    Recreation Center
  • The community is self-sufficient for food with Organic Gardens and green houses for fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Plus, most of the triplexes have an organic garden that grows one crop, such as mangos, broccoli, tomatoes, cashews, avocados, etc. There are solar arrays on the roofs of the greenhouses and batteries and controllers located in a nearby shed.
    Organic Gardens
  • There is also an Ahimsa Dairy for 12 cows quartered in a barn with a large grass field surrounding it
  • There are 100 horses, quartered in 10 stables that are positioned within the housing communities
  • The Canyon is a very long Central Park, with a green asphalt path for golf carts and bikes, a bark covered jogging path, and a separate horse path. Among the many trees are broad grass fields and 10-foot-tall painted resin statues of Vedic personalities such as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Parvati, Ganesha, Indra, Ascended Masters, Gandharvas and Apsaras. These latter three are about six foot tall. The central arroyo is paved with broad, flat stones that are set in sand so there is drainage into the aquafers.
  • 18-hole championship golf course occupies 120 acres at the southernmost tip of the canyon.
    Golf Course

This community will have everything to enjoy a life of peace, happiness and great progress to Moksha.


Spiritual Community

A community of people who understand the Goal of human existence is to achieve Moksha (Enlightenment) and are actively pursuing this Goal in their daily lives. They wan to live in a community of like-minded people for the support and fellowship.

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