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5G is the Threat and Coronavirus is the Coverup - First Wave of the Pralaya


5G is the tool that enables the global elite to efficiently and selectively control and kill people around the world. The Coronavirus is a coverup of the uncontrolled effects of 5G. The whole of humanity is being subjected to experimentation to see how 5G can be managed to become an effective soft-kill weapon and population control mechanism. Currently, the effects of 5G are too strong and there has not been a good "setting" for 5G so that its effects will not be so obviously devastating to life. Hence, the Coronavirus Pandemic is implemented as a coverup.There is also a third agenda at play, to reset the world economy into global elite control and out of the control of individuals.

The 5G assault is underway now. It is very strong in the USA, China and Europe. There is no 5G yet in Canada, Mexico, Centra America and Russia, but at this time when everyone is in quarantine, the efforts to implement 5G have been ramped up significantly. Here is a world map that is frequently updated, showing where 5G is implemented as of today: https://www.speedtest.net/ookla-5g-map

World 5G Map

It is interesting to compare the above 5G map with the COVID-19 Total Cases to Date (April 4, 2020):

COVID-19 Total Cases April 4, 2020

Very few cases of COVID-19 in Canada, Mexico, Central America and Russia. Many cases in Europe, USA, China, India, where 5G is strong. It is interesting that exposure to 5G causes "flu-like symptoms".

In this video, Dr. Thomas Cowan  (an MD that is also an ND) explains his theory that 5G is literally the cause of COVID-19:

Dr Thomas Cowan Corona Virus 5G Theory

David Icke proposes his theory that COVID-19 may be a hoax and is actually the coverup for implementing 5G. This concept is similar to what Dr Thoma Cowan proposes and is not unique to David Icke. I have see other people promoting this idea that COVID-19 is not actually caused by the novel coronavirus, but rather the so-called "viral" material found in the bodies of those who have the symptoms of COVID-19 is not a virus at all. If David and others are correct, this is a very important bit of news. In these early days of the pralaya, we are guided by the stated objective of the global elite, including killing almost everyone on earth. The 5G network seems to be a key ingredient in their "master plan." Look at what David has to say, then we will see what solutions are available so that we will survive this pralaya.

Covid-19 And 5G - a Theory by David Icke

So, what did we just learn? Coronavirus is NOT contagious and COVID-19 is caused by 5G. This is not really new information but it is definitely supressed information. When your body is detoxing - purging itself of toxins - you will experience "flu-like" symptoms. Actually you will experience the flu. But the flu is not CAUSED by viruses that are found in your system. No, the viruses are literally the byproducts of your cells detoxifying themselves.

We are in the midst of the greatest psy-opp the world has ever known. This is much bigger than the 911 terrorist lie, much bigger than the global earth in a solar system lie, much bigger than all the lies that have spewed forth from the global elite combined up to this point. COVID-19 is the biggest and most dangerous lie ever.

It appears we are in the midst of the biggest economic terrorist attack in world history. The objective of the global elite is for everyone to be totally dependent on the government - a one world government. This means food, shelter, education, and medical. Initially, you may receive "stimulus" payments and then Universal Basic Income will be launched. If you have to apply for this, then you will be totally controlled by the government, i.e., global elite. This is a convenient (for them) way to force you to take the vaccines that are coming, and these vaccines will kill you, probably slowly and painfully. If you do not take the vaccines, you will not get your UBI payments, you will not be able to take any form of public transportation, you cannot buy food, you will not be able to pay for a place to live.

Yes, this is dire and now it cannot be stopped. The precedence for medical marshal law has been established. Soon the vaccines will appear. All who wish to survive the pralaya must very quickly organize into self-sufficient communities. The collective karma of these communities must be immune to the pralaya. This is the only way to survive this. The communities must be able to survive without taking anything from the government and without needing to use any of the government infrastructure. The communities must be shielded from 5G.

We know from Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, the master plan is to make all rural areas off-limits for humans to live. Everyone must come into tiny coffin apartments in metropolitan areas. What if we have a large community for 1,000 in the mountains of Costa Rica? If the collective karma of that community does not invite destruction during the pralaya, then it will survive. Otherwise, it will be destroyed. We plan to organize 1,000 such communities around the world, and each one will have Invincible Collective Consciousness, i.e., our communities will have zero enemies.

We will apply Maharishi's Invincibility Principle:

Maharishi Effect

Instead of creating an Invincible Armour for a nation, we will create an Invincible Armour for each of our Communities. The OWG will literally decide we are not a threat to their autocratic rule and will leave us alone. But we will need a strong collective consciousness of 1,000 people to be Invincible. In a smaller community of 10 to 15 people in which it might be possible to be self-sufficient for food and water and housing, it will be unlikely that the collective consciousness will be strong enough to be Invincible. Ultimately, Invincibility is all about being protected by Krishna and He has already established the plan for the communities He will protect. The Goloka Sanctuary Communities will have this wonderful protection. In the Goloka Sanctuary Communities, we will all be constantly identified with the Divine Silent Witness and that will save us. 

Why does the Maharishi Effect work? Because of group meditations in which everyone is transcending - that means everyone is identifying with the Silent Witness on at least the level of the pranamaya kosha. The Silent Witness is our direct connection to the Divine Silent Witness, which is Krishna.

In our communities we will also utilze Vedic Vitara Technology to help us with balancing negative karma (https://www.mahayajna.org), create healthy, energized water to drink (https://www.vedicvortex.org), transition to a fully integrated physical and prana body so that physical food requirements are drastically reduced or eliminated, and health will be perfect as a result of the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme that everyone in the Community will enjoy. (https://www.satyugkayakalpa.org)

Our original design for the communities is for the entire Community to be an EMF protected environment. We are working on a design that will totally protect the Community from 5G or anything "higher" they might throw at us.

Here are some things we can do to today to protect our bodies from the assaults of 5G. First, we can protect the body from 5G with Krishna C60 Amrit. For total protection, the Dhanvantri tells us that we need 100 molecules of KC60 in the bi-lipid layer of every cell in our body, plus a coating of KC60 molecules on our skin. To accomplish this, we can take internally sufficient quantities of KC60 to produce the 100 molecule per cell effect and apply KC60 X10 Body Lotion to the entire body.

It will take some time to accumulate 100 molecules per cell. The ideal dosage of KC60 to balance the body's ability to absorb KC60 is 25ml of KC60 dissolved in olive oil, daily. It is best to take half this amount in the morning and half in the evening. As you begin this regimen, your body will detox for a few days to a few weeks. Almost all of the KC60 will be used to capture and remove toxins from your body. Then the KC60 will begin to accumulate in your cells. It will take about 9 to 12 months to accumulate 100 molecules in every cell of the body, so begin immediately.

You can speed up the process by performing daily abhyanga with KC60. Plus daily application of KC60 X10 Body Lotion will help. This could reduce by up to half, the time required to achieve 100 molecules per cell.

It is also necessary to have a coating of KC60 molecules on the skin of the body as a first line of defense, and this can be accomplished by applying KC60 X10 Body Lotion. Visit this page to order Krishna C60 Amrit and Body Lotion: https://www.c60amrit.com/c60/welcome/buy/

Begin today to figure out how and when you will move your family into a Goloka Sanctuary Community. Complete the application today and that will put you into contact with the organizers of the Communities.  https://www.golokaproject.org/SatYug/Welcome/GolokaCommunity/ApplicationtoJoin

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