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God Vitara


The God Vitara is a revolutionary device that balances the karmic traces which dominate and define the lives of most members of the human race. These karmic traces create massive limitations and restrictions on our lives and result in all of the problems life, including lack of abundance, unhappiness, disease and pain the body, reduced intelligence and creativity, and overall lack of peace.

We were made in the image of God, so why are we not living "god-like" lives? The answer to this question is karmic traces that we have inherited from our parents and ancestors. You can now rise above the restrictions imposed on you by these karmic traces with the God Vitara. There are two models of this device: Headband and Pyramid. Read about how the God Vitara will set your life free.

God Vitara Headband

The God Vitara Headband is a device you wear on your head during meditation that allows you to perceive God in your physical body and in your mind, while simultaneously balancing the karmic traces that restrict and limit your life experience to a fraction of its full potential.

What exactly will I experience?

Of course, God is always with us, 24 hours a day. But you may not experience God's Presence in your life clearly. When you place the God Vitara on your head and turn it on, then while seated comfortably with your back straight and not leaning against anything, you are ready to experience the Presence of God. Close your eyes and allow your attention to go deep within the mind and find the Silence that is always there. That Silence is your connection to God. Keep your attention on that Silence, become that Silence, view your body and mind as separate from that Silence, you are the Silent Witness that can watch the body and mind. You are not the body and you are not the mind. They are tools that you, as the Silent Witness, use to function in the physical world. The Silent Witness is your direct connection with God.

You should practice Atmavedi Meditation for best results. Begin to meditate as you usually do, and be sure to watch your mind as your mind thinks the mantra from your perspective as the Silent Witness. Notice that your mind is thinking the mantra, but you are not doing anything except witnessing the mind as it thinks the mantra.

Continue your meditation as instructed above for about five to ten minutes. With the God Vitara, you will experience that holding on to the Silent Witness is very easy and you will feel your awareness going deeper into the Silent Witness. You will experience the timeless, eternity of the present moment, and you will feel happiness, peace and tranquility. This is the experience of God's Presence. Simultaneously, your body will sit up more erect and it will feel it is effortless to sit in meditation. It feels like some heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders or as if some gentle force is holding you up. You may have the thought "I could sit here forever in this blissful communion with God!"

Your God Vitara Headband is Custom Made for You

When you place your order for your personal God Vitara Headband, we will ask you to send us a recording of you speaking your mantra. This recording becomes a part of the audio files included with your God Vitara Headband, and integrated into a special frequency vibration that creates brainwave entrainment and causes your awareness to shift to a higher level.  This device uses Vedic Vitara Technology to take your awareness deep into the subtle realms of the Universe and beyond. Please click here to read more about the technical details of Vedic Vitara Technology >>>

What makes the God Vitara Headband unique among all of our Vitaras is its ability to create the experience of the Silent Witness in your consciousness and in your body. This experience arises because you are transcending beyond your physical body into your subtle, non-physical bodies. You have four subtle bodies in this Universe and your Anandamaya Kosha is the Realm of God in this Universe.

Five Koshas

Beyond this Universe is the Eternal Absolute Universe where you have another set of subtle bodies and an Eternal Absolute Body. In the Absolute Universe, your Eternal Absolute Body exists as the Eternal Companion of the Supreme Absolute God.

The Silent Witness is a Lifeline sent down to you directly from the Supreme Absolute God to connect you to God and allow you to rise up into the Absolute Realm of God. Your Journey in consciousness into the Absolute Realm of God takes place in eight steps: four within this Universe and four in the Absolute Universe. The final step is where you experience the Divine Silent Witness. Your God Vitara will take you all the way to the Divine Silent Witness.

What is the Value of Connecting with God?

To understand the value of connecting with God - basically God Realization - we should consider the purpose of our lives as human beings. Paramahamsa Yogananda

"Many people may doubt that finding God (God Realization) is the purpose of life; but everyone can accept the idea that the purpose of life is to find happiness. I say that God is Happiness. He is Bliss. He is Love. He is Joy that will never go away from your soul. So why shouldn’t you try to acquire that Happiness? No one else can give it to you. You must continuously cultivate it yourself."

Paramahansa Yogananda

So, exactly how does one achieve God Realization and exactly what is it?

Many people talk about God but how many have actually Realized God, specifically, how many have actually discovered that God is Real? In the Vedic Tradition, there is considerable information about God and distinct steps one can take to attain the Realization of God. The ancient texts say God is the Creator of this Universe and God created the Universe for the benefit of human beings. We are created in the image of God, and actually exist in the Mind of God, like dream creatures. In fact, the Yoga Vasishta uses the word "dream" more than one thousand times to describe the world and says the Universe is a dream in the Mind of God.

Please consider what Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, in his book Man's Eternal Quest

"This World is but a Dream. It is only when we wake from dreams that we know we have been dreaming. Similarly, this life may be realized as a dream only when we awake in Cosmic Consciousness. … One may gather great wisdom by cultivating the consciousness that this world and everything in it is only a dream."

"Life is a great dream of God's," the Master said.

"If it is only a dream, why is pain so real?" a student inquired.

"A dream head struck against a dream wall causes dream pain," Paramahansaji replied. "A dreamer is not cognizant of the hallucinatory fabric of a dream until he awakens. Similarly, man does not understand the delusory nature of the cosmic dream of creation until he awakens in God."

Why is this important? Think about it. If you are having a dream, there are people in the dream that you created in your mind. If you could be one of those dream creatures and follow your existence to its source, you would arrive at you. Like this if we follow our existence to its source we arrive at God. But are we actually different from God? Is the dream person in your dream actually different from you? No. This means that you are not different from God. 

The first step is to experience the Silent Witness in your own mind. Then follow the thread of the Silent Witness to deeper levels of your existence, to your more subtle bodies and one day you will arrive in the Absolute Realm of God. The God Vitara is your tool to easily experience the Silent Witness.

If God is always with us, why is it so difficult to perceive God's Presence?

This brings us to the necessity of understanding the mechanics of our Universe. Our Universe was created by God by using thoughts. Thinking a thought is the most subtle of actions, but every thought, being an action creates karma (a Sanskrit word that means action). Karma in its most basic form is simply a vibration or frequency in the consciousness of the thinker. So, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." (John 1, King James Version of the Holy Bible)

We will call the residual of these Thoughts that created our Universe, "Divine Karmic Traces". Some say "The Will of God" or "Natural Law" or "All the Laws of Nature" and mean the same thing.

So, now we come to the people created by God who are creating actions which are discordant frequencies in the Universe. We call these discordant frequencies “karma”. To keep things straight, we will call the actions of people “individual karma” and the Actions of God are “Divine Karma” or the Will of God.

Karmic Traces

If a person does something that is perfectly in accord with the Divine Karma, then no individual karma is created and Divine Karma is supported. But if the person does something that is not perfectly in accord with the Divine Karma, then some individual karma is created. The Divine Karma provides for this creation of individual karma by embedding the chaotic frequencies of the karma in the DNA and passing it down from generation to generation. This causes the individual karma to "haunt" its creator’s children and their children, and so on, until it is balanced; this is "The Law of Karma". Whatever you do that is not totally supportive of the Universe and all life in the Universe, will create a boomerang of energy that will keep coming back to you and your children and their children, until someone in the hereditary chain balances it out with the exact opposite action.

Karma is Wave Form Interaction

To keep it simple, think about wave form interaction. The wave forms illustrated below represent a frequency within an action. We show a Divine Karma wave form (red on top, left) and an individual karma wave form (blue on bottom). If the individual action is perfectly in accord with the Will of God, then the Universe is supported and the Will of God is magnified and strengthened, as represented by the purple wave on the right.

Constructive Interference Waves

But what happens when the individual action is not in accord with all the Laws of Nature? As you can see below, the result is chaotic and destructive in the Universe. In this case, the individual karma will remain, reverberating around the Universe, boomeranging back on to the creator and his or her subsequent generations, seeking to be balanced, and meanwhile the creator of the action and his or her subsequent generations will suffer from the chaos that action has created.

Wave Interference

So, how do you balance the karma that you or your ancestors created, that you now struggle with in this life because it was passed down to you in your DNA?

By doing another action that is exactly the opposite of what was created in the past. In the image below, we have an illustration of this destructive interference. In this example, let’s say the red wave on the top left represents the original individual karma that was not in accord with Divine Karma, and the lower blue line represents the action you just took that perfectly balanced that original individual karma. The result is perfect balance, represented by the purple line on the right.

Destructive Interference Waves

Now, imagine billions of people, all creating individual karma and most of it is not perfectly balanced. It is no wonder our world is like it is today.

What happens to this individual karma? It is passed on to the children of the creator of the individual karma: “the sins (karma) of the father [and mother] fall on the children.” Wow, what a mess!

Your life arose upon a foundation of Divine Karma, covered over by a random collection of the individual karma from your parents. This individual karma, covering Divine Karma, is a very big influence in your life. It is this individual karma that you inherited that makes your life into what you have to deal with every single day now.

All of this individual karma that we carry forms into a web of karmic traces that almost totaly obscures the Divine Karmic Traces (Will of God) and this creates a life of problems, struggle, unhappiness, and all negativity that we experience. When we were originally created in the image of God, all of life was Bliss and happiness, but we have all been born now with a huge web of individual karmic traces.

The good news is, we can balance the individual karmic traces and then they become transparent to the Divine Karmic Traces and our life returns to one of Bliss and happiness. In the Vedic Tradition, this life is called Moksha, or the more modern term is Enlightenment. Moksha means Liberation and Freedom - freedom from the binding and obscuring influence of our individual karmic traces. This means, the individual who has achieved Moksha is always aware of the Presence of God and enjoys Communication with God, 24 X 7 for the rest of his or her life.

So, our number one task in life should be to balance our individual karmic traces.  There are mental techniques that create an influence to balance karma where it resides as karmic traces in the physical body (anamaya kosha) and conscious thinking mind, plus the emotional body (pranamaya kosha) and the subconscious mind and the mental body (manomaya kosha) and the unconscious mind. Here is an image that shows us these three minds:

The Human Mind with koshas

Our storehouse of karmic traces is located in these three bodies. In the physical body, the karmic traces are found choking the DNA. These karmic traces are responsible for our limited abilities, less than perfect health, and the aging of the body. In the emotional body they are emotional energies, giving us unhappiness, fear, jealousy, greed, and anger. In the mental body they are literally imperfect knowledge constructs, internal lies about how the Universe functions and our proper role in the Universe.

Maharishi 1960 soft ovalAtmavedi Meditation and Transcendental Meditation are the fastest ways to balance our karmic traces. These mental techniques work to balance karmic traces by bringing a powerful balancing frequency (mantra) directly into contact with the exposed layer of karmic traces in the three bodies. When the mantra touches a karmic trace, it creates balance. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi once estimated that with correct meditation practice, one should balance enough karmic traces in 5 to 8 years for the experience of Cosmic Consciousness (also known as Moksha Level 1).

"Correct meditation practice" means to situate the mind at the deepest level of transcending possible, at least the manomaya kosha, so that the mantra comes into contact with karmic traces on this level, and do the meditation practice for at least 30 minutes at a time, twice every day. Incorrect meditation would be thinking the mantra on the conscious thinking level only and/or not meditating twice every day for the prescribed time.

So, we need to be sure we are getting the balancing frequency of the mantra into the deepest level of our consciousness every time we meditate. This is guaranteed if you wear the God Vitara Headband during meditation. Thanks to Vedic Vitara Technology, your mantra, which is encoded in the frequency module that you play during each meditation session, is taken deep into the manomaya kosha. This means you will be balancing your karmic traces at the deepest level with every meditation when you wear the God Vitara.

Karmic traces are like weeds in an otherwise nice, green lawn. If your mantra is only operating on the conscious thinking level (anamaya kosha) then you are simply cutting off the tops of the weeds and they will quickly grow back from their roots, located deeper in the ground.  But if you pull out the weeds from their roots, they will not grow back! Everyone knows that. When you meditate without transcending and taking the mantra to the roots of the karmic traces, it is like saying positive thinking affirmations in front of a mirror. You will feel empowered and happy for a few hours then you have to do it again and again and there is no real progress because the negative influences that you are trying to counteract have roots deep in the mind in the manomaya kosha.

This one benefit of the God Vitara Headband, taking your mantra directly to the roots of your karmic traces, is enough to allow you to reach Cosmic Consciousness in 5 to 8 years, if you practice the meditation twice every day.

However, along with the benefit of balancing karmic traces at their roots, you are also climbing the Lifeline of the Silent Witness and this is benefit number two. Over time you will be able to experience all 5 levels of Moksha as you experience the Silent Witness in every subtle body and eventually experience the Divine Silent Witness, as who you really are.

The God Vitara Headband worn during correct meditation is the most powerful technique of Self-Discovery ever known.

God Vitara Pyramid

Much more powerful than the God Vitara Headband alone is the God Vitara Pyramid. For maximum effect, wear the headband in the pyramid and have the electromagnet at the base of the spine. Here are some images of the God Vitara Pyramid:

God Vitara Pyramid 36Exterior View of the 36 Inch Model

God Vitara Pyramid inside 36
Interior View of the 36 Inch Model Showing Vedic Vitara Antenna

God Vitara Antenna inside detail
Eight Quartz Crystal Antennas Inside the Vedic Vitara Antenna

God Vitara electromagnetic unit
Electromagnetic Unit

Our ultimate objective with the God Vitara is to achieve Moksha and completely escape from the snare of the illusory Universe. But in the process of achieving Moksha we do engage in the illusion to test it and prove to ourselves that the world we see around us is indeed illusory. What better way to engage in and master the illusion than to perform seemingly “impossible” feats such as not requiring food to live and being able to fly through the air at the speed of a modern airplane.

The reason we attempt these “impossible” feats is because they are actually quite normal abilities for a citizen of Sat Yuga. Not only living without food and flying but living for tens of thousands of years in a youthful, perfectly healthy body is normal for Sat Yuga residents. This means these abilities are standard equipment for the human being and they have been lost or turned off by the accumulation of individual karmic traces. It is these very same karmic traces that form the bars of the cage that confine us to this illusory world, which we mistakenly take for real.

So, the ability to live without food is evidence that the karmic traces that make it necessary for a human being to eat food to live have been balanced. The ability to fly through the air is evidence of the balancing of karmic traces that have made that ability impossible.

We know that if we can balance enough karmic traces so as to bore a tunnel through the mountain ranges of karma that stands between us and the Divine Karmic Traces where all of our incredible “supernatural” abilities exist, then we can achieve freedom from the limitations imposed on us by these karmic traces and we can achieve Moksha.

The God Vitara technology is added to a large pyramid, made of copper and Prana Panels, where one can sleep and meditate for many hours a day and maximize the progress to achieving both the Prana Energy Lifestyle and to gain the ability to fly through the air. Balancing the karmic traces that have caused the loss of these natural abilities will be very helpful on the Path to Moksha. Both of these Sutras have a profound effect on the individual by tightly integrating the pranamaya kosha and the anamaya kosha. This will setup the individual for success in the Satyug Kaya Kalpa Programme to live a very long life in perfect health and youthful vitality. So, this integration of the two bodies is fundamental.

Prana Panels attract and concentrate life-giving prana that is present in the environment, into the center of the pyramid. Your body can then make use of this enhanced prana to provide more energy to the prana body and the physical body. The result is a clear feeling of enhanced prana inside the God Vitara Pyramid. Prana Panels with 7 layers of aluminum foil (conductor) alternating with 7 layers of paper (insulator) and finished with a layer of copper foil, produces the optimal effect of concentrating prana into the pyramid.

Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid - prana panels

The pyramid design of the God Vitara Pyramid includes many of the features found in the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid. The God Vitara Antenna can be added to a Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid to create the most powerful meditation and sleeping environment known.

Here are the features that the God Vitara Pyramid and the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid share:

  • The God Vitara Pyramid and the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid are true Giza proportion pyramids that are tuned to the manomaya kosha and the mental plane of existence. This is why meditation experiences are deeper and more profound in such a pyramid. Sleep in the pyramid is more wakeful and energized as well, promoting witnessing of dreams and sleep. Sleep is deeper in a pyramid, providing deeper rest to the body. Some of the experiences in the God Vitara Pyramid and Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid include:
    • Reduced heart-rate and blood pressure
    • Increased vital capacity of the lungs
    • Improvement in the functioning of the hormone producing glands
    • Improved mental functions, concentration, emotional stability, higher intelligence
    • A sense of weightlessness.
    • Electric-like tingling sensations as the Prana Body is easily experienced.
    • Feelings of warmness, usually in the upper portions of the body.
    • Tranquility, relaxation and freedom from tensions.
    • Lucid Dreams with vivid colors and graphic visions.
    • External stimuli, sight and sounds fade away.
    • Time distortion, Pure Consciousness prevails.
    • Out-of-body experiences (astral projection).
    • Deeper, more fulfilling meditations and higher energy levels.
  • The God Vitara Pyramid and the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid have walls made of Prana Panels, which actually attract and concentrate life-giving prana, that is present in the environment, into the center of the pyramid. Your body can then make use of this enhanced prana to provide more energy to the prana body and the physical body. The result is a clear feeling of enhanced prana inside the Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid. Prana Panels with 7 layers of aluminum foil (conductor) alternating with 7 layers of paper (insulator) and finished with a layer of copper foil, produces the optimal effect of concentrating prana into the pyramid

The God Vitara Antenna is composed of eight quartz crystal coils through which the special frequencies and subliminals are transmitted into the Prana Field and the Unconscious Mind of the Manomaya Kosha, where the roots of your individual karmic traces exist as knowledge constructs. The broadcasting of these impulses into your manomaya kosha can take place 24 hours a day and will reach you wherever you are physically located throughout the day and night. This alone gives you a significant boost in the balancing of your individual karmic traces. It is literally like you are meditating and performing samyama on the Yoga Sutras all the time.

There is also a Gold Orgone Hemisphere Electromagnet that is used to create brain -wave entrainment and can take the place of the 4-Antenna Headband or supplement it. 

In practice, one places the hemisphere at the base of the spine during meditation and the electromagnet causes brain-wave entrainment. Also, when sleeping you can place the hemisphere under your pillow to experience brain-wave entrainment while you sleep. The hemisphere is made of resin epoxy (an insulator) and 24k gold flecks (a conductor) – this is a prana enhancing design with Elite Shungite chips to capture any stray incoherent electromagnetic radiation and an iron core electromagnet that creates the brain-wave entrainment pulses.

Experiences with The God Vitara


I have some really lousy money karma that has plagued me for life. As a child, I was always without money, as a teenager I had no money and my first job (working for my father) paid $2 per hour. During my whole adult life I had no money, always was worried about money, could not pay my bills. But then I learned to meditate and almost immediately my money problems went away! In fact after about 3 years of meditation, I had retired from my job a millionaire. As long as I meditated I had plenty of money but always in the "back of my mind" I was worried about money and saw how I was spending my money too quickly and not earning anything. When I got married the worries about money increased and instead of meditating more, I worked more and meditated less and the money problems came back in spades. Then one day I started meditating again and what do you know? No money problems but always the worry about not enough money was there. Obviously I should have put things together and by then, several decades after I started meditating, I should realize that the money problems and worries were my own karma manifesting in my life and meditating would keep this karma at bay for a while so I could actually get some money in my hands. Finally the light bulb went on in my head and thanks to the God Vitara I now understand what was going on. After just a couple of weeks of using the God Vitara, I am back in the money again AND no worries about money! I can sense that I am balancing deep layers of the money karma now and I am sure if I stick with it, I will never have money problems again!




I am getting older and my kidneys were failing; swelling in the feet and ankles, itchy patches on my skin, and other symptoms. I have tried everything over the past 6 years to get my kidneys working normally again and finally resigned to the fact that I am getting old and probably I will die from kidney failure. When I received my God Vitara, there was a book with it that explained about how karmic traces are the cause of all health problems. If I would just meditate with the God Vitara, I would automatically balance the karmic traces (presumably that were causing the kidney failure) and see my health improve rapidly. So I gave it a good try and began using the God Vitara to go deep and balance karmic traces. Well, after only about a month, it seems to be working! Swelling is down at least 65% and I feel strong. At this rate, my kidneys should be 100% in another month or so. I will let you know. Thanks for this Vitara!




The best way I can describe the effect of the God Vitara is it is like a pressure cooker. When you meditate in a God Vitara pyramid you literally feel like your karmic traces are being balanced orders of magnitude faster.


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