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Changing the Dream


About 39 years ago I became aware there is a state of consciousness called "Brahman Consciousness" and I became fascinated with this concept: there is a Creator of our Universe, whom we call Lord Brahma, and He created the whole thing, including me and you and every one and every thing, in His Mind. So logically, if this is True, we live in a colossal deam - the whole Universe is simply a Dream in the Mind of the Creator.

But the story of the Universe does not end here. The next thing I learned is: I am this Creator and you are this Creator. Every human being on Earth is this Creator. In fact, we read in the facinating book Yoga Vasishta (this is the English Version in PDF format and here is an online version with a language translation menu: https://www.ekamvitara.org/YogaVasishta and one can purchase a physical copy here), every being with a mind in this Universe is the Creator.

Yoga Vasishta

So, 39 years ago, I had this concept in my mind and set my intention on proving this to myself. For the last 39 years, this quest, to prove to myself that I am the Creator, and by extension,that you are the Creator, has been the underlying, driving force in my life.

I learned early on from Maharishi that knowledge is structured in Consciousness and gained by a process of intellectual understanding coupled with direct experience of Consciousness - these two go hand-in-hand. One cannot realize something without both components: intellectual understanding and direct experience.

Maharishi - 2006

For example, if you are in a totally dark place, perhaps a cool, humid, fragrant cave, deep underground, and your bare foot (yes you are walking around in a pitch black cave with no shoes) touches something cold, round, somewhat uneven in texture. That is your experience. Then your mind thinks "what is this? is it a snake?" and you set about with the intent of realizing the truth about what you have experienced. So you shine a flashlight in the direction of the thing your foot just touched and gain the intellectual understanding, by seeing with your eyes, that the thing is a stick. Immediately your mind calms down from thinking it was "a snake, maybe it will bite me, maybe it is poisonous, maybe my foot will swell up, I am alone here in this cave, with no help, maybe I will die!" to "ok, a stick, no problem, we carry on."

Direct experience of Consciousness is possible through the practice of meditation, so having learned that practice in 1979, I began the process of direct experience of my own Consciousness. Everyday I learned more about my own Consciousness through direct experience. This knowledge gave rise to questions:

  1. where do thoughts come from (my meditations seemed to be full of thoughts!)?
  2. what exactly is a thought?
  3. why do thoughts come into the mind - what exactly is the purpose of a thought?
  4. do I have any control over this mind and its many thoughts?
  5. how do thoughts become a physical reality - what is that process?
  6. if I change my thoughts, can I change my physical reality?

The book, Yoga Vasishta, gives answers to all of these questions. But can I trust this book as Truth? So I began to check the information in this book with my own experience to see if there was a direct correlation - could I actually experience for myself what this book claims to be the reality of life?

The Yoga Vasishta is the record of how a young man (Rama) attained Self realization though the teachings of an Enlightened Master, Vasishta, during a twenty-two day discourse; where Vasishta lectured, Rama asked questions, Vasishta answered these questions, and told many stories to illustrate his points. It is a very long book of over 1,800 pages in the English Translation, PDF version or 773 physical pages.

I invite you to undertake this discovery and come to the same conclusion as I did: this Universe is a Dream in the Mind of the Creator and I am (and you are) that Creator. There is only One Being in this Universe and we are that Being.

Now, with that being established as the Truthful Reality, we ask "why is there so much suffering, poverty, misery, unhappiness and death in this Dream? Why not change this dream from a nightmare into a Heaven on Earth?" Is this even possible? Definitely! For the complete story, please read our website: https://www.EkamVitara.org

This brings me to the purpose of this article: I need your help to change the Dream. If we all work together, if we understand and cooperate, we can change this Dream for everyone on Earth. Please, go now to the website, learn about this proposal and join us. We can make a difference, and we can actually create a better world for everyone. You can change your own experience to a life of Bliss, happiness, prosperity, and peace. https://www.EkamVitara.org

What are you waiting for?

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