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Balancing The Root Of Karma In Life - Core Negative Karma


KarmaWe have recently added the Oneness Awakening Course to our Moksha Advanced Course series. Part of this course consists of sessions to balance the karma of life at the root level. The concept is very simple; we are all children, we all have parents. Some of our karma in this life stems from our parents. If we can balance the karma that exists in the relationship between us and our parents, we will literally have a new perspective on life! This karma colors all of our relationships and can produce negativity in all of our relationships. We have the Unity Consciousness Technique and Dasa Bhukti Yajña to balance the negative karma as it arises in life, but we have, until now, only applied this technique to the leaves of the tree of our karma. Now we should see how to apply this technique to the root of the tree of karma - the relationship with our mother and father. There may be a block of karma that is even deeper than the relationship karma from father and mother. This karma can come from relationships of this life or may be from a past life. All of this karma exists as emotional energies that  causes us to make poor decisions that feed this karma and keep it strong! As a group, we call these deep emotional energies, Core Negative Karma.

Core Negative Karma

If we shield our life from future karma using the MahaYajña Vitara and practice the Unity Consciousness Technique and based upon that and Jyotish we use the Dasa Bhukti Yajña, to melt current karma, we should find that we are living in a Universe of Love, Happiness and Prosperity. If this is not your experience after practicing these techniques, then the underlying reason must be some remaining Core Negative Karma.

Core Negative Karma is the ego covering that colors all perceptions in life. It is like wearing red eyeglasses your entire life and someone asks "what color is the sky?" and you will say "it is red!" That is your truth, based on your perceptions. If you can clear your perceptions of Core Negative Karma then you will see the world in a completely different way.

Core Negative Karma prevents you from self love and if you do not love yourself, then when you say "I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you!" it is not as effective as it could be.

Finding and dissolving Core Negarive Karma is tricky because the ego hides this from you. We have to go beyond the ego to discover this Karma. The ego hides your Core Negative Karma by translating it into a characteristic reaction that is different from this karma. For example, if your Core Negarive Karma is fear, your ego may translate this into anger or sadness or frustration or any other possible reaction emotion. You then are misled into thinking you have an anger karma problem when in reality you have a fear karma problem. If you treat your anger and try to melt it, you find that it does not melt! Maybe you get a small amount of relief then back comes the anger just as strong as ever. It is like your karma is a big tree with millions of leaves. The root of this tree, in this example, is fear and the leaves are anger. If you practice the Unity Consciousness technique when anger arises, then a few leaves on this big tree are dissolved, but the root of fear remains.

For spiritual people this investigation into the Core Negative Karma can be even more challenging because this type of person is inclined to ignore negative aspects of life and only focus on the positive. So the Core Negative Karma remains firmly hidden. What to do? Fortunately there is a very effective technique for identifying Core Negative Karma but it is not a simple formula because everyone is different, and has had a very different life experience. You will need one-on-one sessions with an expert at identifying and dissolving Core Negative Karma.

Here is another example: a spiritual woman who practices the Unity Consciousness Technique, and Dasa Bhukti Yajña and has a MahaYajña Vitara, and faithfully meditates everyday, finds that all the men in her life abuse her. Her son is abusive in language and attitude, her ex-husband is also abusive in language and attitude, and her boyfriend actually physically beats her periodically. Also she has severe financial problems and there are health problems too. Nothing seems to work to help her. She had a wonderful childhood, two loving parents, and has been a spiritual teacher for many years. She had a happy life for many years, lots of travel and vacations, a beautiful home, two children and a good marriage, a nice car, plenty of money, and many clients for her spiritual teaching practice. Then her daughter died during an operation in the hospital and after that everything changed in her life. She divorced her husband of 25 years, became very depressed, gained weight, began having health problems, and then the abuse from men began and finances became very poor and most of her clients left. The death of the daughter was a transformation trigger that helped us to see her Core Negative Karma. Her ego has completely hidden this from her and she does not accept any guilt or blame associated with the death of her daughter. Instead she insists that a new child would solve all problems and fill the void in her life caused by the death of her daughter.

The problems she experiences after the incident gives more clues but the ego is very adept at hiding Core Negative Karma so the abuse, financial problems, health problems are just ego tricks to hide the Core Negative Karma. The ego is a big lier and she is trapped by the ego and responds with the ego's lies when asked about the death of her daughter She must ask herself, if upon deep investigation, she feels guilt and remorse over the death of her daughter - as if she was the cause of this death. However she could not acknowledge this guilt and remorse. She says she did all the "right things" to let her daughter go off "into the light" and performed ceremonies for her and thought she moved on and made a clean and healthy emotional break with her daughter. But this was an ego trick to hide the guilt and remorse. So she attacted a boyfriend who would physically punish her, she unwittingly provoked her son and ex-husband to abuse her, she turned away her clients, lost her financial base, all for self-punishment. The ego turned her guilt and remorse Core Negative Karma into a victim mentality and life. Curing this is not difficult once she acknowledges her Core Negative Karma of guilt and remorse, but uncovering this deeply hidden karma can be difficult.

Kundalat DeviMataji says:

"From the perspective of the subtle mind, established in union with Krishna and living in the spacious presence of the eternal moment, you should observe your karma and its successive actions and accept it more and more. Then  you will automatically get into the state of reception and then into a state of love in relation to your karma. You will have the knowledge that all who live the aftermath of your karma live their karma. This is Krishna's creation and everything is right and ok. When you observe your karma and its consequences, at that moment you have a connection with Krishna and higher consciousness and vibration. At that time, transformation takes place automatically, and at that time, whatever your action is, at that time you do not create another karma. Your behavior and action are based on the transcendental level and the higher state of consciousness. There is no connection with karma in that case. Karma can not have an effect on you."

One could say "I meditate every day and this releases all my deep stress so eventually all of my Core Negative Karma will also be released." This is correct, but how long do you want to put up with a life that is not prosperous, happy, progressive, and surrounded by loving friends and family?

If you would like to release your Core Negative Karma now, that is possible. You may say "I know what my core karma is and I have been working on it for many years!" But, if that is your response then you are NOT working on your Core Negative Karma - instead you are working on the leaves of your tree of karma and being fooled by your ego. If you really know your Core Negative Karma and accept it fully, then release from its grip will be very quick and take just a few minutes in some cases, or maybe a few days at most.

There are two ways to discover and release your Core Negative Karma now:

  1. Come to Ruidoso for a 21 day Moksha Advanced Course and during that course we will help you to identify your Core Negative Karma and dissolve it. The Nirvana Vitara Campaign is entering its final days and has achieved a very good level of success. To celebrate these final days and take the Campaign to 100% funding, the Srivyuha Ashram has donated 3 Moksha Advanced Course full tuitions to the Campaign. In addition to receiving the full tuition to a 21-day Moksha Advanced Course, including the Oneness Awakening Course and discovering your Core Negative Karma, you will also receive a Nirvana Vitara, Moksha Vitara and Shanti Vitara. The value of this package is $6,294, which you will receive for your contribution of $2,987. Click here or click the image below to make your contribution.
    Moksha Course Nirvana Vitara Contribution
  2. Schedule a Core Negative Karma Release Course with Visvamitra and Kundalatdevi. This course consists of 10 home sessions via video conference, and each session is one hour.  The cost of this course $1,080. To help push the Nirvana Vitara Campaign to 100% funding, MahaVideha University has donated 5 of these courses to the Campaign. You will receive your course for a contribution of $497 to the campaign (54% discount). To register for your course, please visit https://www.NirvanaVitara.com and look for the Karma Release Course contribution or click on the image below:

Core Negative Karma Release Course

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