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Clearing Karma for Unity Consciousness


KarmaKarma is responsible for relationships in life. We may find that some relationships are very disturbing and cause negative feelings, emotional pain and discomfort. This is due to unbalanced karma with the other person. Do we just have to live with this? No! If you take responsibility for the karma in a relationship, you can melt that karma and change both of your lives permanently. The other person does not have to do anything or even know that you are doing something to melt the karma between the two of you.

Acceptance of the other person, with unconditional love, is the key. This can be easily accomplished by visualizing the other person with a candle flame between you and then saying to them, in your mind: "I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me. Thank you."

Each time you do this, a hard rock of karma that is making both of you uncomfortable is melted. You may have only one rock or you may have 100 rocks. You will quickly realize how many rocks are there when you begin this process. If you melt all of the rocks in your relationship with the other person, then you will both enjoy a new relationship that is based in Bliss and unconditional love.

You will have established Unity Consciousness with that one person. There are five levels of Moksha and Unity Consciousness is Level 3. This is Unity Consciousness with all life in the Universe. So it will take quite a while to establish Unity Consciousness with ALL life in the Universe using this technique! Fortunately, that is not necessary. Unity Consciousness arises sponstaneously once Moksha is gained. Unity Consciousness grows rapidly until the entire Universe is included in your acceptance and unconditional love.

Unity Consciousness

While you are waiting for Moksha Level 3 to dawn, you can clean up your immediate environment and make life a more comfortable place using this technique. This technique is useful in many areas of life. For example, if you have a business, then all of your customers or clients are brought into a relationship with you by your karma - or they are repelled from coming into a relationship with you by your karma! Apply this simple technique and watch as your business grows. One approach is to take a list of your current, past and prospective customers or clients and look at the first one on the list, close your eyes, visualize the person sitting across from you with a candle flame between and say, in your mind: "I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me. Thank you." Then see what you feel, maybe you feel very clear and at peace - that is a sign that the rock of karma that has disturbed your relationship has dissolved. If you have any negativity about the person, such as the person has insufficient money to do business with you, is too busy, is not interested in what you offer, does not like you, etc., then do the technique again, see what you feel and repeat more times until you feel calm and at peace and sincerely believe the person has no restrictions to doing business with you.

Perhaps you have financial debts but no money to pay them. You are feeling worried about the debts and would like to see them discharged. A debt is a very clear material instance of karma between you and another person or entity, such as a bank. If the debt is to a single person the solution is more simple with this technique than a debt to a big entity like a bank. For a bank, visualize the bank building first and apply the technique, then bring all employees of the bank that you have met into the technique, bring in the debt collectors tha have contacted you, the person you originally contracted with that created the debt in the first place. You will have to clear all of the karma with all of these people, and then what will happen? The money you need to pay the debt may become available or in the most extreme case the debt will simply be forgiven by the bank.

Are there problems at work? Maybe the relationship with your co-workers or supervisor is not smooth, or you feel underappreciated or overworked. This is all from karma and will respond well to the technique.

Candle FlameEven more important than clearing the karma of relationships with others is to clear your relationship with yourself. See yourself sitting there, as if in a mirror, with a candle in front, between you and yourself and say in your mind: "I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me. Thank you."  Then see what you feel. Maybe you feel very clear and at peace with yourself, but if not, repeat, see what you feel and continue until you do feel a deep love and peace with yourself. There should be no guilt, regrets, unhappiness, or any other negative emotion.

Most important is to clear your relationship with God. All karma creates separation from God, but as Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, the proper relationship with God is yogastah - established in union.

Does this Unity Consciousness Technique really work? Yes! Here are some experiences with this technique. They range from fairly commonplace to extraordinary:

There was always some tension in our marriage (we have been married for 10 years) and my wife would complain that she is feeling slighted and unloved and I felt some resistance between us. I applied the Unity Consciousness technique and almost immediately (2 days) the tension dissolved and we are very peaceful and happy together now.
My business partner of 15 years was a constant source of problems. We could never agree on anything and this was hurting our business. Actually everytime I thought of him I would feel a knot in the pit of my stomach and my heart rate would actually increase! After using the Unity Consciousness Technique this uneasy feeling went away in a few minutes and by the next day we were talking and working together like old friends! He was suddenly agreeable and reasonable, like never before.
I have always been nervous of making sales calls, I really hate the feeling of rejection when the prospect says no. I tried the Unity Consciousness technique on a prospect yesterday, actually while I was on the phone with him I would do the technique everytime I felt any friction in the conversation. At first he was worried about the cost, then that faded away in a few minutes, then he was concerned about when we could deliver the finished product, then as we conversed, I was not trying to sell him anything, I really just wanted to help him solve his problem that I knew our product would help, he became more and more relaxed and agreed to the deal. In fact he agreed to pay 25% more if we would promise early delivery - which was actually quite easy for us to do!

The person writing the following experience had just learned that her friend had killed someone and hid the body for 2 months. The body was discovered this day and the friend confessed to the murder.

I was in a very difficult condition. When you (Visvamitra) talked about the technique, I was listening to your words, and I could not calm myself. Emotions were also strong. I could not understand the connection of the situation with me at that moment. I asked you questions, you answered me, and I understood that there was a connection there, as I saw it, heard it, and that made me feel emotional. Then I pictured within myself the image of the first of the beings (the girl that was slain). I have never seen this person before; I did not know her. She was alien to me, but my emotions about her were very strong.

I repeated "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you." I repeated it, and then this person left my awareness and came another one who was involved in this situation.

When I repeat the words "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you" I felt a strong connection with this person.

I felt, and I clearly became aware of what I was reacting sensitively to in my life.

At that time I saw all beings in my consciousness as a big theater of actors. I felt like they all played a role in my life and they each showed me what I was feeling. Then I realized this is karma and is being reflected in my life and physical body. Each relationship is like a program.

An avalanche started in me. Other beings came from my life. My mother, father, the relationships I've been looking at all my life and the parts of the relationships that hurt me. Then I suddenly realized that in my consciousness I had everything divided into good and evil. And through this consciousness I look at everyone and everything. As I repeated the words "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you." I clearly perceived the karma of my physical body. It went on, there was an image of ignorance and higher consciousness, and I even saw it, for it is only a karma through which I look at the world. Then I noticed myself and I felt myself.

My life, my consciousness, my body, I have seen in various situations and have seen my reactions. So I repeated the words "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you." I spoke to them. And I suddenly saw my relationship with God.

I have seen what the reality of my relationship with God is. And I also perceived only the karma of the physical body behind this reality. I started talking to God "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you." I have seen myself as I do not see God, I do not perceive his physical presence. And I saw, these are my karma programs.

I prayed to God, I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you for accepting this role for me.

I saw everything and how all have taken on a role, and only for me, from Love of me. I felt connected with everyone and everything. I have not experienced such a connection before.

And then I felt like I was just myself. Myself. As if everything separate from me was just an illusion.

I'm still doing this now. I do not care what's behind the situation. It is no longer a division of right and wrong, only the situation remains and I only perceive myself in every situation. I am very grateful for this change and blessing in my life.

Now as I write these words ...... I suddenly came to see why I am here in this physical life, with karma. I did not respect God.  I ceased to respect God and so I found myself in the karma of physical life

There is also another important benefit to be gained from this technique. You will feel clear, clean and much more creative! Karma literally clogs the consciousness and dulls you and makes you less clear and creative. When you melt this karma you will notice the difference in how you think, feel and act.

Vishnu and LakshmiThis technique for melting the karma in relationships comes to us from Lord Vishnu, who is responsible for the maintenance of this Universe that is created by Lord Brahma. It is a direct yajna between two individuals on the physical plane for the purpose of balancing currently expressed karma. Karma comes into your life day by day.  It accumulates in your environment from the minute you are born into this life. Once the karma comes in, it will reverberate around you until you accept full responsibility for it, then it melts. Once you reach Moksha, the karma can no longer "find" you because you are free, unbounded, liberated and non-local. The karma that is reverberating around you before Moksha is very distracting and keeps you busy, making it difficult to meditate and do the spiritual practices necessary to achieve Moksha. Two things are required:

  1. Balance the karma that is already in your life - you now have the technique for this
  2. Shield your life from all karma that is yet to come - yajna to the Grahas is required for this. By the Grace of Lord Vishnu, this is quite simple with the acquisition of a MahaYajña Vitara.

Vitaras are amazing devices! They give us a way to create an environment in our lives that supports the achievement of Moksha. These Vitaras have come to us over the past few years and now we have what seems to be a complete set.

Moksha Vitara

The Goloka Projector is our first Vitara that creates a sattvic environment in our home. Then came the MahaYajña Vitara to shield us from all karma that is yet to come. Following that came the Dhanvantri and Soma Rasa Vitara to establish a perfectly healthy human physiology. Then came the Moksha Vitara to accelerate the pace of evolution by magnifying our meditation and spiritual practices 10-fold. Fnally we have the Nirvana Vitara to give us the clear experience of deep transcendence and lucid dreams while creating new satyug brain cells.

We have a new website that features all of the Vitaras at https://www.vitaras.org and to celebrate the grand opening of this website we are offering a 25% discount on all Vitaras for a limited time.  Check out our new website and order your Vitaras now.

Grand Opening

All Vitaras are 25% off!

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Kundalat Devi, Presov, Slovakia , May 24, 2017 at 9:31 AM | Reply
This technique has moved me to change the look of my physical life. It has changed my ability to live with my karma. I now have great power to use physical life and karma for spiritual advancement. I did not know before how it could help me physically overcome what I was before too lazy to do.

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