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Returning to Goloka - Conclusion


Returning to Goloka



There is one objective for human life - Moksha. That is the only worthwhile endeavor because Moksha brings freedom, freedom from struggle, freedom from suffering, freedom from fear, freedom from aggression, freedom from anger, and freedom from death. Moksha confers unbounded freedom to live a life of fulfillment. Everything else that a human strives to accomplish is driven by the mountain ranges of karma that has accumulated over the eons of the individual's existence. When Moksha is achieved, the individual is no longer a slave to karma. Instead, the individual is a child of God. Life is lived in unconditional love for everything: other people, animals, plants, the Earth, the asuras, the Celestial Beings, and the Divine. Moksha is the foundation of Bhakti, pure, unconditional devotion to God, and Bhakti comes spontaneously as a gift from God.

We live in a blessed time, in the ripple of the great incarnation of God, Sri Krishna, which will soon change life on planet Earth in unbelievable ways. The collective karma of the people will bring into play whatever is necessary to restore balance. A great balancing will occur in the next few years. We still have time to change the course of our lives and avoid the effects of the pralaya. Everyone reading this book has the karma and the intelligence to become one of the first generation of the Krishna Golden Age. Everyone reading this book also has an opening to attain Moksha in this lifetime.

To come together in communities of like-minded people, intent on attaining the goal of human existence, and as a side benefit, avoiding the struggle and suffering of the raging pralaya, makes us the most fortunate people on Earth.

But we do not propose some limited, elitist club for the "chosen few." No. We want to invite everyone to join us. But please, not all at the last moment! Make your intention known today and begin from today to take the steps to join us in a Goloka Sanctuary Community. Please visit our Goloka Project website and complete the form found on this page:


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