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Returning to Goloka - Chapter 6


Returning to Goloka

Chapter 6.
Exit the Illusion Matrix

PsyopsBy now, in the depths of Kali yuga, almost everyone is trapped in this illusion matrix created by government consisting of the scientifically engineered psy-ops. This condition is a reflection of our individual and collective karma. First, we looked at the aspects of this karma impacting each one of us in our daily lives. There is some value in knowing the psy-ops agenda of the governments controlled by the global elite, but the solution to how this karma impacts us is not in this knowing. The way to exit this illusion matrix lies at a deeper level, at the level where the karma first manifests into our lives. If we can shield our lives from the karma that is responsible for this illusion matrix and that supports the psy-ops of the global elite, then we will live untouched by this illusion. Such a life will be at peace and we will have the ability to focus our attention on what really matters in our lives.

Puppet Master and Independent Thinking

So much of life is wasted, enmeshed in the psy-ops of the global elite, and this due to our own karma. The purpose of your life is to realize your connection to the Real aspect of you in the Absolute realm of Goloka. By realize, I do not mean to simply know about it from this book or other sources. Realize means you have experienced for yourself this connection with your Absolute Self and you have changed your perspective to view everything from this Absolute Self. No longer is there any doubt that you are an Eternal, Absolute Being and this life is simply a projection into this universe, for the very purpose of rediscovering your True Reality.

Eye Cosmos Awakening

The path to this Ultimate Realization can take some time because your experiences are now based in the physical aspect of this 3-D holographic projection of Goloka that we call our universe. The physical plane is a tiny fragment of this illusory universe and the psy-ops of the global elite are a tiny fragment of this tiny fragment. Because you are embedded in this tiny fragment of the illusion, it may appear to be the whole of life. But life is far greater than this.

Recall that we all have 5 koshas or bodies and each body may be utilized as an actor and view port into one of the layers of universe. The grossest layer is the physical and for this layer we use our anamaya kosha to experience and function. This experience is what we know as our daily lives. But, have you experienced life from the perspective of your pranamaya kosha? If so you have experienced the astral realm and the myriad of beings and scenes in that realm. If so you have learned how powerful your mind is, so powerful that with a mere thought you can create your own universe in the astral realm. You will have seen the innumerable universes that others like you have created, some private and you cannot enter, and some public and you can enter those and explore the creation of another. You may have encountered fierce asuras who are bent on living another physical life by possessing some innocent physical being. You may have met the many beings that think they are God or some exalted consciousness or an alien species and they live in a delusional world of their own creation.

Spiritual Awakening

Have you experienced the Celestial realms through your manomaya kosha and vijñanamaya kosha? If so you know that the Vedic Literature is factual and there do exist incredible beings: Vishnu, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswati, Brahma, the Grahas, and many, many more, that exist to serve and help humanity, you and I, to realize who we are.

Self-realization is the step-by-step awakening of our subtlest aspects until we reach the one underlying Reality of who we are. To accomplish this ultimate goal of life, we need time away from the distractions of the global elite's psy-ops, which are focused mainly now on distractions from the so-called pandemic of COVID-19. To know our True Self, we have to step outside this illusory but apparently real matrix, and that is quite possible! To step outside of the matrix, one must shield the life from its imminent and future karma.

Consciousness Illusion Matrix

Our Celestial Family has provided a way for us to accomplish this task of shielding our lives from our karma. Think about the implications of being shielded from your karma - you would literally become Invincible. In 1971, Maharishi began to talk about Invincibility for individuals. What does Invincibility mean? If I am Invincible, then if someone shoots at me with a gun, will the bullet bounce off and leave me unharmed? No, it is far simpler than that. It means no one will even think to shoot at me with a gun; no one will have the slightest desire to do harm to the one who is Invincible. The Invincible person will have no enemies.

The Invincible person will also be shielded from the collective karma that is destined to wreak havoc with the coming ELE. With all of your personal karma shielded, you will be Invincible to the onslaught of the collective karma that is soon to be delivered in a way that is similar to how a person is shielded from the rain when standing under an umbrella.

Our primary strategy is to avoid the pralaya altogether by enrolling one million into the Ekam Vitara Network. This will peacefully reset Kali Yuga on a path to completion in about 427,000 years. However, should we fail to gain enough members in the Ekam Vitara Network to avoid the pralaya, then we have a secondary plan for surviving the pralaya and thriving into the new Krishna Golden Age, and this strategy has two components:

1. Protect the individual from his or her karma and form a community of such Invincible individuals - literally an Invincible Goloka Sanctuary Community

2. Ride out the storms of the pralaya in the comfort of this Goloka Sanctuary Community while devoting time to the task of Self-Realization or Moksha.

At the end of the pralaya, when we see blue skies again, we will emerge from our Goloka Sanctuary Communities in youthful Satya yuga physiologies, fully Self-Realized and ready to enjoy the glories of the Krishna Golden Age!

How to Create Invincible Communities

The Goloka Sanctuary Community offers to provide your home throughout the pralaya and keep you safe from the Global Elite Technocracy’s Authoritarian Government which seeks to eventually exterminate over 93% of the world’s population. As a Member and resident of the Community, you will enjoy the full sunshine of the Satyug Age that will arise when the pralaya is finished in 10 to 20 years.

In order to provide this service to you, your Community is opting-out of governments that seek to control and dominate the entire world. We will be totally self-sufficient and aloof from the government, requiring none of their services, and will not be connected to their 5G based control grid. We will not accept their vaccines and injections and we will not be tagged and tracked like slaves. We will live free and thrive during the coming time while the rest of the world is forced into mega cities and slowly exterminated. The governments of the world will simply ignore us while enforcing their dominion over the rest of the population.

Our primary theme is Community Invincibility – we will simply have no enemy. This is a wonderful and great challenge of our time, but we have the knowledge and technology to make this our reality.

What does Invincibility really mean? Will we have some magic shield that bullets and bombs will just bounce off? No, it is simpler than that. We will simply have no enemies. No one from the government will think to harm us. When we create our Community properly, there will be absolutely zero resistance to our peaceful existence. In fact, everyone around us, who are not in the Community, will see the Community as a wonderful benefit in their lives and they will support us. Let’s explore how this could be possible.

All negativity, hatred, anger and conflict arise from individual karmic traces. All peace, harmony and love arise from Divine Karmic Traces. It is therefore very simple: our Community will be a center of influence of Divine Karmic Traces.

This brings us to the necessity of understanding the mechanics of our Universe and how karma arises. Our Universe was created by God by using thoughts. Thinking a thought is the most subtle of actions, but every thought, being an action creates karma (a Sanskrit word that means action). Karma in its most basic form is simply a vibration or frequency in the consciousness of the thinker. So, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God." (John 1, King James Version of the Holy Bible)

We will call the residual of these Thoughts that created our Universe, "Divine Karmic Traces". Some say "The Will of God" or "Natural Law" or "All the Laws of Nature" and mean the same thing.

Now we come to the people created by God who are creating actions which are discordant frequencies in the Universe. We call these discordant frequencies “karma”. To keep things straight, we will call the actions of people “individual karma” and the Actions of God are “Divine Karma” or the Will of God.

If a person does something that is perfectly in accord with the Divine Karma, then no individual karma is created because the action supports Divine Karma and magnifies it. But if the person does something that is not perfectly in accord with the Divine Karma, then some individual karma is created. The Divine Karma provides for this creation of individual karma by embedding the chaotic frequencies of the karma in the DNA and passing it down from generation to generation. This causes the individual karma to "haunt" its creator’s children and their children, and so on, until it is balanced; this is "The Law of Karma". Whatever you do that is not totally supportive of the Universe and all life in the Universe, will create a boomerang of energy that will keep coming back to you and your children and their children, until someone in the hereditary chain balances it out with the exact opposite action.

Your life arose upon a foundation of Divine Karma, covered over by a random collection of the individual karmic traces inherited from your parents and your past lives. This individual karma, covering Divine Karma, is a huge influence in your life. It is this individual karma that you inherited that makes your life into what you have to deal with every single day now.

Imagine billions of people, all creating individual karma and most of it is not perfectly balanced. It is no wonder our world is like it is today.

What happens to this individual karma? It is passed on to the children of the creator of the individual karma: “the sins (karma) of the father [and mother] fall on the children.” Wow, what a mess!

All of this individual karma that we carry forms into a web of karmic traces that almost totally obscures the Divine Karmic Traces (Will of God) and this creates a life of problems, struggle, unhappiness, and all negativity that we experience. When we were originally created in the image of God, all of life was Bliss and happiness, but we have all been born now with a huge web of individual karmic traces.

The good news is, we can balance the individual karmic traces and then they become transparent to the Divine Karmic Traces and our life returns to one of Bliss and happiness. In the Vedic Tradition, this life is called Moksha, or the more modern term is Enlightenment. Moksha means Liberation and Freedom - freedom from the binding and obscuring influence of our individual karmic traces. This means, the individual who has achieved Moksha is always aware of the Presence of God and enjoys Communication with God, 24 X 7 for the rest of his or her life.

So, our number one task in life should be to balance our individual karmic traces. There are mental techniques that create an influence to balance karma where it resides as karmic traces in the physical body (anamaya kosha) and conscious thinking mind, plus the emotional body (pranamaya kosha) and the subconscious mind and the mental body (manomaya kosha) and the unconscious mind.

Our storehouse of karmic traces is located in these three bodies. In the physical body, the karmic traces are found choking the DNA. These karmic traces are responsible for our limited abilities, less than perfect health, and the aging of the body. In the emotional body they are emotional energies, giving us unhappiness, fear, jealousy, greed, and anger. In the mental body they are literally imperfect knowledge constructs, internal lies about how the Universe functions and our proper role in the Universe.

When the individual karmic traces of a group, whether it be the world as a whole, a nation, a province, a city, or a community, are taken together, the result is the karma of a collective consciousness. It is the karma of a collective consciousness that determines what the group, as a whole, will experience. Plus, the karma of each individual determines exactly what the individual will experience.

When a group of people come together in a community, something called “emergence” arises. Emergence refers to the observation that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts; furthermore, the whole is qualitatively different. A system composed of many constituent interacting parts has properties that we often cannot anticipate from knowledge of the properties of the individual parts. This concept is evident in many phenomena at the heart of physics, chemistry, and biology.

Take for example, all the many parts that can be assembled into a functioning automobile. If we lay all those parts on the ground, we can only extract some utility from each part and that utility will be very small compared to the utility of the whole, functioning automobile. If we are seated amidst the collection of parts and a grizzly bear walks up and begins to growl at us, we can throw car parts at the bear and hope it will run away. But we have a low probability of success in this case. However, if we are seated on the hood of our fully functioning automobile, we only have to scramble inside, start the engine and drive away to a safe location, leaving the bear far behind. Now we appreciate how the utility of the automobile is far greater than the collection of its parts.

When a community forms there is an emergence of much greater wholeness than the individual contributions of its members. The community creates a collective consciousness that elevates every single member to a higher level of consciousness, even the member who is already at a level of consciousness that is greater than any other single member enjoys a greater level of consciousness, thanks to the emergence effect of the community.

So, while it might be possible for a single person of high level of consciousness, which directly corresponds to less individual karmic traces, to stroll through the next 10 to 20 years of this highly destructive pralaya and emerge unscathed, it is unlikely. But if that person joins a community of other like-minded individuals who also have high levels of consciousness, the emergence created will make it more likely that the entire community will avoid the sharp teeth and claws of the angry bear.

Goloka Sanctuary Communities are formed of individuals who have made significant strides in the balancing of their individual karmic traces. These communities are unplugged from the “matrix” of the brain-washed masses of people who will follow the orders of the globalists until their early death. The most likely survivors of the pralaya will be members of spiritual communities, who will emerge to enjoy the Satyug Age.

Invincibility Shield Vitara

To accomplish the shielding of all individual karma, we take recourse to the Invincibility Shield Vitara.

Invincibility Shield Vitara Logo large

The Shield consists of the following:

  1. Ekam Vitara Network Membership for life[1] – provides the frequencies of the next Level of Consciousness to elevate the member’s Level of Consciousness, while simultaneously contributing maximum to the elevation of world collective consciousness.
  2. MahaYajña Dasha Bhukti Vitara[2] – protects the member from all future karma that has not yet manifested in the life and balances existing negative karmic traces.
  3. God Vitara[3] – magnifies the sadhana of members to rapidly elevate their Level of Consciousness.
  4. Atmavedi Meditation instruction with Tri-Mana Samyama on Esoteric MahaMantra[4] – this includes
    • Dharana with your transcending mantra
    • Dhyana – connection with the Silent Witness
    • Tri-Mana Samyama on the Esoteric MahaMantra
    • Advanced Meditation Program with Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

[1] See Chapter 8, Ekam Vitara Network for more information

[2] See Chapter 8, MahaYajña Dasha Bhukti Vitara for more information

[3] See Chapter 8, God Vitara for more information

[4] See Chapter 8, Meditation and Sadhana for more information

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How to stop karma
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Dear Jamie,

Please continue with the book, chapters 7 and 8 give the solution to this problem.

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