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Returning to Goloka - Chapter 4


Returning to Goloka

Chapter 4.
The Great Global Deception

Humanity has been under what has been called “the great global deception” for the last 500 years. We have been told that the earth is a spinning globe in a vast, limitless space and human life is an extremely insignificant part of this universe. However, we know from our daily experience, simple experiments, Vedic Literature and other ancient scriptures, the Earth is NOT a globe and human life is very significant! We have been consciously lied to by the global elite.

Global Earth ModelTo many people, that we have been lied to by governments throughout the entire world about something so fundamental, is a shocking and unbelievable statement! What is one of the first things you see in every elementary school classroom? The globe model of the earth.

The Heliocentric (solar system) global earth model and the one depicted in the picture below is pure fabrication - a theory that cannot be proved and is actually very easy to disprove. The Heliocentric global Earth model is based on the theory of Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543), a renaissance mathematician and astronomer who formulated a model of the universe that places the sun in the center and has the earth and planets orbiting about it. He published this model in his book On the Revolutions of Celestial Spheres, just before his death in 1543. This model laid the groundwork for the modern “Big Bang” theory of how the universe came into being. The “Big Bang” theory is completely contrary to the understanding of how the universe was created as found in all ancient scriptures, including the Vedic Literature, in particular the S’rîmad Bhagavatam, Canto 5. All the ancient scriptures for the past 5,000 years have placed the Earth as a stable, central platform for human life with the Sun and planets orbiting above it.

An image like the one below is often used to show how tiny and insignificant the Earth is in comparison to the whole of the universe, according to the false global model. This helps to further support the insignificance of human life, from the perspective of the global elite as they promote their agenda of death and destruction.

You Are Here Global Deception

In the graphic below, we see the arrangement of the sun, moon and the planets, suspended by etheric threads from the polestar at the top, orbiting above the plane of the earth. This model, derived from the Vedic Literature, can be used to completely explain everything we see with our eyes, unlike the Heliocentric, spinning globe and solar system model, which actually fails when put the test of practical, every day experience.

Vedic Cosmology Kala Chakra

We will offer an easy way to see that the Earth is not a globe, but rather a flat plane. This is something you experience with your own eyes. If the Earth was a globe, then the horizon would appear curved and objects in the distance would quickly fall below the horizon and one would not be able to see them, even with the aid of a telescope or binoculars. This is because a globe is a curved surface so the surface, so a globe the size they say Earth is will drop by a factor of 8 inches per mile squared from the observation point, as illustrated in this diagram below.

Global model Curvature of Earth

A very simple experiment can be conducted to demonstrate that the Earth is not a globe. Find a landmark that is 10 miles away from you, that you can see, line of sight, level ground - ideally across the surface of a body of water. Find out how tall that landmark is. How much of this landmark can you see? If the landmark is less than 60 feet in height, and the Earth is a globe, you would not be able to see the landmark at all.

As a result of the curvature of the Earth, there is a maximum distance at which an object of a given height can be seen before it disappears beneath the horizon. The chart on the next page shows these distances for structures of heights from 5 feet through 1,000 feet. This distance is increased when the observer is located at a point above the surface of the Earth, and since most aids to navigation are viewed from the deck of a vessel, the maximum distance of visibility is increased. This is represented in the “Plus 15 foot observer” column.[6]

Curvature Chart

We all know what the global Earth is supposed to look like, but what does the Earth look like as a flat plane? Below is a good map that shows the continents, oceans and Antarctica as a ring of ice surrounding the oceans. That is right, Antarctica is not a small continent at the so-called South Pole. It is the edge of the Earth disk. So if you start out sailing East and continue in an Easterly direction (keeping North according to your compass on your left), you will eventually come back to your starting point. But that does not prove the Earth is a globe, it actually proves the Earth is a flat disk as pictured here:

Flat earth map

Antarctica is very interesting. Did you know it is off-limits for you to actually go to Antartica as a private citizen? At this time, 50 countries have signed a treaty that protects this ring around the Earth disk from anyone entering it, unauthorized. From the sea, Antarctica is mostly a 150-200 foot high wall of ice.

In 1773 Captain James Cook (1728-1779)[7] became the first modern explorer known to have breached the Antarctic Circle and reached the ice barrier. During three voyages, lasting three years and eight days, Captain Cook and crew sailed a total of 60,000 miles along the Antarctic coastline, never once finding an inlet or path through or beyond the massive glacial wall! Captain Cook wrote: “The ice extended east and west far beyond the reach of our sight, while the southern half of the horizon was illuminated by rays of light which were reflected from the ice to a considerable height. It was indeed my opinion that this ice extends quite to the pole, or perhaps joins some land to which it has been fixed since creation.”

Antartica Ice Wall

There have been no reports of modern expeditions around Antarctica. Some people claim they are "circumnavigating" Antarctica but if you check the actual itinerary you find they are not really going "around" the continent. They basically go from Africa to Antarctica and back or from Africa to Australia. The image below shows one of these trips.

Antartica Trip

Next, we will consider Gravity. Gravity is a prime example of a ridiculous theory, all in the name of science, for the purpose of making the average person feel inferior and insignificant. The so-called theory of gravity is often touted by modern science as the mysterious cause of many things such as why the oceans cling to the globe earth and even the mechanism for the supposed orbit of the Earth around the Sun. As usual, this is way over complicated and mysterious when in fact gravity is not a “force” at all, any more than the “force” that makes a helium filled balloon float in the air. The natural law of this physical world is simple: things that are physical have mass and weight and sit on the Earth plane. What actually makes things fall when you drop them? They are returning to the Earth plane due to the difference in buoyancy between the object and the surrounding air. “Any object which is heavier than the air, and which is unsupported, has a natural tendency Terra Firma Book Coverto fall by its own weight. Newton's famous apple at Woolsthorpe, or any other apple when ripe, loses hold of its stalk, and, being heavier than the air, drops as a matter of necessity, to the ground, totally irrespective of any attraction of the Earth. For, if such attraction existed, why does not the Earth attract the rising smoke which is not nearly so heavy as the apple? The answer is simple – because the smoke is lighter than the air, and, therefore, does not fall but ascends. Gravitation is only a subterfuge, employed by Newton in his attempt to prove that the Earth revolves round the Sun, and the quicker it is relegated to the tomb of all the Capulets, the better will it be for all classes of society.” - David Wardlaw Scott, Terra Firma.

There are hundreds of ways to debunk the global Earth model. The amazing claim by NASA that the Sun is 93 million miles from Earth is one of the most blatant false claims. It is very easy to show that the Sun cannot be at such an incredible distance. In Appendix 1 we provide this proof in detail – which you can replicate yourself. Eric Dubay has written a book that you may want to read if you have any doubts: The Flat-Earth Conspiracy, ISBN: 978-1-312-66448-7, published in 2014. The so-called “flat earth conspiracy” is not completely in accord with the S’rîmad Bhagavatam, which I believe reveals the true design of our Universe, but does give a good alternative perspective to the global Earth fallacy, and it is accurate in many aspects. In Dubay's book you will find information to support the idea that no one has ever gone to the moon, or mars, and the International Space Station is a hoax. The pictures that NASA have published of the global Earth are computer graphics, not real photographs. The pictures of the planets and the Sun are computer graphics, not real photographs. Over a trillion dollars has been stolen from the public for this grand, fictional account of space travel. Now there is so much invested in this scheme that the governments and NASA must be working very hard to support this web of lies.

NASA LogoLook at the NASA logo. NASA is the international clearing house for all so-called space exploration. Every government in the world must go through NASA to clear their plans for launching satellites and space probes. An agency of the United States military is in charge of the space program for the entire world. Their logo puts the message clearly in your face: a globe with the serpent's forked tongue that screams “we are lying!”

How did this all start? When Copernicus published his book, there was no way to prove or disprove his theory, but the theory did serve to marginalize the human life so it was endorsed by the elite of the period and due to the central focus of the Sun, later the Illuminati adopted the model, because the Sun symbolizes their Luciferian perspective. It was not until the end of World War II that people began to have serious doubts about the global Earth model, in particular after the expeditions of Admiral Byrd to the Antarctica. What Admiral Byrd discovered on his expeditions has not yet been made public even after more than 70 years. After the Byrd expeditions, the United Nations created a treaty to make Antarctica off-limits to everyone and forced every developed country in the world, that was capable of sending expeditions to Antarctica, to sign the treaty.

Notice the logo of the UN below. The UN Logo is the Earth plane map with olive branches for Antarctica. So the UN put the truth in our face, and then proceed to lie about it for 70 years.

UN Logo

The United States launched Operation Fishbowl in 1962. That is an odd name which gives us a hint to what they were thinking. When you place an animal into a confined space, it will naturally search for any possible way out and that search occupies its time until it finds there is no exit. Then it settles down to life in the cage or fishbowl. Governments had discovered that we are on a flat disk, bounded 360 degrees by an impenetrable barrier of hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of miles of ice and triple digit sub-zero temperatures and low oxygen levels - Antartica is a formidable barrier to escape from the disk. So their attention turned to the sky where they quickly discovered another impenetrable barrier of high intensity radiation, later named the Van Allen Belts. Operation Fishbowl was the attempt to blow a hole in the Van Allen Belts with nuclear bombs, and that failed.

The next logical step to preserve the global Earth model was to form NASA and begin the space exploration program as a diversion for the public, which of course was and still is a complete hoax. The idea is to keep the people occupied with a dazzling array of fake missions into "outer space" to reinforce the global Earth model.

The question is: Why go to all this trouble to fabricate such an elaborate hoax? Many reasons, including the embarrassment of the world's scientific community who had been creating many wonderful theories, like the “Big Bang” theory, and all the sponsoring universities when they announced that the world was after all much simpler in design, obviously intelligently designed. This would lead to empowerment of the human being who would be seen as the product of this intelligent design. That would definitely not be accord with the agenda of the Illuminati who are dedicated to the degradation of human life. So the decision was made by the global elite to continue the lie in order to reduce the value of human life as part of the destructive process of the pralaya.

The entire population has been given this nihilistic, atheistic model of a global Earth, where life arose out of a “Big Bang” and your human life is just an accidental combination of random elements. According to the modern science of the global elite, there is no Creator, and no purpose to human life. By now, very few people on Earth understand this great conspiracy as entire generations have grown up in the global Earth model. Human life is now highly disparaged and undervalued, and as a population we are increasingly divided, most clinging to the global heliocentric model, and some to the geocentric flat disk model. All of the lies make it easy to justify the relentless assault on the human population to weaken and eventually kill billions of us.

The Nuclear Threat Deception

In 1945 the United States supposedly used two "Atomic Bombs" to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan so "end World War II". This did not happen as we know about it from the official story released by the US Government. Actually the Manhattan Project, which cost billions of dollars, was a total flop and no atomic bombs were ever created. When the leaders of the governments in the US and England were told "we cannot make an atomic bomb" by the project scientists, they decided to fake it and just proceed with a lie that they have these horrible bombs that could destroy the whole world at the touch of a button. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed with conventional naphalm bombs instead. A whole industry arose from this lie and billions have been spent supporting the lie and keeping the people in fear and under slave control by the "powerful" governments. They even created a doomsday scenario of hundreds of aging nuclear power plants that will soon be spewing forth "deadly radiation" and killing untold millions. This whole nuclear threat deception has been a very successful campaign to instill fear into the people and keep them weakened by this fear.

The War on Terror

In 2001 the global elite created the fake "war on terror" to provide justification for further war and fear and control over the world's slave population. More weakening of the people by this fear has resulted.


In coordination with the amazing “global earth hoax” we are faced with yet another level of lies to sow fear and anxiety into our lives and further weaken us: Coronavirus and COVID-19, and soon COVID-20, with their associated mRNA injections that will genetically modify the DNA. This is an untested “vaccine” – what could go wrong? It reminds me of 5-G that is also being rolled out, untested.

In early 2020 we watched on TV and the Internet, with horror, as people were falling over dead from the deadly Novel Coronavirus, released from a Bioweapons laboratory in Wuhan, China. Soon the virus spread world-wide and predictions of millions of deaths were offered to scare the entire world into submitting to a lockdown, the subsequent destruction of all small businesses, the loss of millions of jobs, the formation of a “new normal” that includes wearing face masks (that do absolutely nothing to protect from a virus) and “social distancing” to make people feel even more insignificant and isolated. This whole COVID-19 pandemic is a carefully crafted plan to gain almost total control over the human population and make everyone dependent on government for their very life.

[6] From https://www.terrypepper.com/lights/visibility.htm

[7] Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 1, (MUP), 1966

[8] A lunar year is 360 days and a solar year is 365 days. 3,600 lunar years is 3,550 solar years

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Jim Young, Livingston Texas, USA , May 19, 2018 at 12:08 AM | Reply
In this light, how is the tectonic plate shifting to be viewed? Also what heats the magma that spews up? I'm a ham radio operator and I have often pointed my antenna to go long-path around the earth. I hear the echos from all the extra skips bouncing off the ionosphere. It sure seems to work :) Thanks.
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , May 19, 2018 at 11:50 AM | Reply
Dear Jim,

Tectonic plates are massive irregularly shaped slabs of solid rock that move due to various forces in the earth plane and this movement creates mountain ranges and other features. Magma is probably created by magnetic forces within the earth plane. We do not have any Vedic Literature references for this feature that we observe in our world. There is an ionohemisphere above the earth plane that you bounce your signals off of. Like in this image:
Jai Guru Dev,
Kynka Anniemi Teija, Finland, Helsinki , July 27, 2017 at 11:01 AM | Reply
According to Appendix Sun's dimension is just 50 kilometers and distance from Earth 6000 km.

Every planet is like a pendulum that is hanging on an etheric fiber, whose other end is on the Pole Star.

How does appear day and night?

Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , July 27, 2017 at 6:15 PM | Reply
This video explains how the sun and moon orbit above the earth plane and produce the experience of sunrise, sunset, day and night. https://youtu.be/0KLd-W--ZjQ
kevin trainor, Bronx, NYC , October 9, 2016 at 8:49 PM | Reply
I'm confused by your diagram. Is the Earth hollow or solid?
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , October 9, 2016 at 9:12 PM | Reply
The earth plane is solid below ground level with some hollow spaces

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