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Returning to Goloka - Chapter 3


Returning to Goloka

Chapter 3.

Religions often refer to God's Judgment and how He metes out punishment for sins and transgressions against Him. This is a somewhat irrational way to explain karma. For one thing, God never punishes - He loves and accepts everyone. Contrary to most religions, God is not jealous, or wrathful, and is not seeking vengeance. These concepts are used by religions as a way of describing the effects of acting in a way that is not supportive of all life, or what religions call "sin."

KarmaKarma essentially means “action” but often it is given a broader meaning, as we will now explain. On the first day of Satya yuga, on the first Day of Brahma, the universe is an almost perfect projection of the Absolute world of Goloka. The Earth is perfect, the people are perfect and everything is flowing in perfect harmony with all the laws of Nature.

What exactly are all the laws of Nature? These are the vibrations that create the universe from Lord Brahma’s Samyama on the Rig Veda. Human beings have free will and that free will is what can create actions or karma that is not in perfect accord with the pure vibrations of the Rig Veda. If a person does something that is just slightly off from being in accord with all the laws of Nature, then a dissonant vibration is created. For simplicity we call that dissonant vibration karma. Like a boomerang, the karma bounces back to achieve balance by impacting on the doer. Karma is mechanical and must reverberate around the universe until it finds its counter vibration and balances. The counter vibration is found in the doer of the karma.

Karma Wave Interference

While the karma is reverberating it is disturbing the entire universe to some degree. As more and more individuals take actions that are slightly out of alignment with all the laws of Nature, more reverberations arise and like dirt in clear water, the water becomes more opaque. This leads to more mistakes and more “dirt” and eventually the period of Satya yuga grinds down to Trita yuga where only 75% of Natural Law is active. What does this mean? 25% of the pure vibrations of the Rig Veda have been dampened by the karma of individuals. More karma and more degradation and then Dwapara yuga dawns and we are down to 50% of Natural Law, then finally Kali yuga arises and at the start only 25% of Natural Law is active – at the end it tends to 0%.

Some karma is balanced in each individual lifetime, but most is not. Maharishi once said that everyone has “mountain ranges” of karma that is yet to balance. Something done in one life is not balanced in that life and maybe only partially in the next life. The residual accumulates.


Jyotish was given to us by Lord Vishnu[1] to provide a glimpse into the karma for our life. Also, included with Jyotish is Yajña which provides a way to shield the life from our karma, making it easier for us to achieve Moksha.

The mechanics of deterring the Jyotish Chakra for an individual is to determine the exact location of the Grahalokas at the time of birth when viewed from the Earth Plane at the exact location of the place of birth. The result is a chart that can take several forms, each showing the Grahalokas and their relative positions. Here is an example of the three most popular Jyotish chart forms (North Indian, South Indian and S'rî Chakra Yantra):

Comparison of Jyotish Charts

We invented the S'rî Chakra Yantra color graphic display that provides a good glimpse of the individual's karma. Here is the author's Jyotish Chakra (born on June 12, 1946 at 10:10am, longitude North 94 degrees and 34 minutes and latitude West 39 degrees and 6 minutes):

Jyotish Cover - large

Your Jyotish Chakra is constructed to show your personal web of karma in a graphic form that is literally a symbolic representation of the eons of experience you have had. Let's learn a little something about the symbols on the Chakra, beginning with the dark blue sphere that contains all the symbols. The outer sphere is a symbol that represents the universe of Lord Brahma, our Creator. It is from within this universe that you have been experiencing existence for innumerable life-times, at this point over 150 trillion years of incarnations have taken place for most of us.

Within the sphere of the universe is the energy pattern of your S'rî Chakra - the fundamental archetype of pure knowledge for our universe. The S’rî Chakra is represented in this graphic as a faint white line pattern in the background. Your S'rî Chakra is the resonating energy frequency of the Mind of the Creator and your direct link to this Supreme Intelligence.

Embedded in your S'rî Chakra is all of the karma that you have generated during your eons of existence. The symbols to represent this configuration of karma are:

  • Rashis - larger colored spheres with symbols at their center. There are 12 Rashis and each one represents an aggregation of karma. Each Rashi is colored to represent which Grahaloka is responsible for the influence of that Rashi. For example, Red is for Kujaloka, white is for Shukraloka.
  • Bhavas - the placement of the Rashis represent their Bhava position. The first Bhava is the large Rashi in the upper center is the Lagna (ascendant) and is a primary indicator of the karma of this life. The second Bhava is located above and to the left, the third is to the left of the second and so on around the Chakra in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Grahalokas - small colored spheres with symbols at their center. There are nine Grahalokas that are responsible for delivering the karma associated with the Rashis. Each Rashi is presided over by a Grahaloka. Some Grahalokas preside over two Rashis and some have only one Grahaloka.

Following the system of Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra by Maharishi Parasara,[2] we can provide a reading of the karma. For example, this is the reading for the Lagna of the example Jyotish Chakra shown on the previous page: “Suryaloka is responsible for this Lagna and is positioned at the time of birth in the 10th Bhava. This tells us that there is karma for respect or fame, a good career, a good reputation and status, the person is healthy, powerful and will have a long life and a successful dharma, the person will be wealthy. Kujaloka in the Lagna indicates the person will be aggressive, independent and of a rash or angry temperament. There may be recklessness and a tendency to have accidents. Self-love may be lacking; the constitution is strong but the body may have to endure injuries. The person is brave, courageous and adventurous. There is ability in all kinds of technical work such as engineering, mechanics, accounting and law). The person desires to be a leader and will succeed. There is a condition known as Kujadosha that spoils marriage unless the partner also has Kujadosha.”

For a complete reading, we would analyze each of the 12 Bhavas in this way and the result would be a picture of the karma of the person, the strengths and weaknesses, the good fortune, and the problems that will be likely. Also, we will find an opening for Moksha in there somewhere. It is a given that to have a human body means you also have the possibility for achieving Moksha. Some have a greater possibility than others, some have a very small possibility, some have much of their karma pushing them in the direction of a spiritual life and the achievement of Moksha. In my experience, if you are interested in your Jyotish, you have a very good possibility for achieving Moksha. If you could not care less about your Jyotish, you probably have very little possibility for achieving Moksha. Visit https://www.goloka.org/jyotish for your free Jyotish Chakra.

Collective Karma

Taken together, the whole of individual karma makes up the collective karma of our Universe. We are at a point today when the burden of unbalanced collective karma is too great and must be explosively balanced. This happens normally at the end of Kali yuga when the great pralaya occurs. The entire world is almost totally destroyed, and only a memory of it remains, like waking from a dream – whatever was the subject of the dream is totally gone except for a memory of the dream. This great destruction balances almost all of the karma – but not 100%, maybe 99.99% is balanced and 0.01% is carried over into the next Day of Brahma. So, the first Day of Brahma is a clean slate, the second Day of Brahma is a slightly dusty slate, and so it goes until the end of the life of Brahma. Then even the tiny carry-over of karma has accumulated to the point where a total destruction is needed to create full balance. At that time, the pralaya is so complete that not even a memory of the dream persists. Lord Brahma moves on to Goloka to enjoy eternal Bliss, and the other jivas return to the safety of Lord Narayana and wait for the next universe to be created.

Jiva is a new term that we should define. We will trace jiva to its source, the source of everything, and the Absolute realm of Goloka. Recall that this is the abode of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of God. But is Krishna found alone in Goloka? No – He has always and eternally with His companions, the Gopas (male friends) and Gopis (female friends). Like Krishna, the Gopas and Gopis are uncreated, eternal beings. They exist as His eternal companions.

Game of the Universe

When a Lord Brahma creates a universe, a projection of Goloka becomes that universe. We know from the Yoga Vasishta how our Universe came into existence and extraordinary details about how the Universe functions. Our Universe is literally a Lucid Dream in the Mind of the Creator. If you have ever had a Lucid Dream (this is a dream in which you are vividly aware you are dreaming and able to do things to change your dream), you can easily understand how our Universe is not “real” at all and every Human Being is simply a dream creature in this colossal dream.

Each dream creature plays host to a jiva who needs to realize its True Self. So, you and I are playing a sort of game in this Universe and the avatars we use to play this game are our human bodies. The physical body and conscious thinking mind are only one aspect of who we are. Most people identify solely with their mind and body and believe this is ALL that they are. Some realize they are more than this and understand they have subtle bodies that exist on subtle planes of this Universe. They know that this life is but one of many they have lived and recognize they are really a soul or jiva that is repeatedly reincarnating into human (and non-human) forms. Of this group of people, some realize the purpose of playing this game is to achieve freedom from this cycle of birth and death and move on to greater understanding of who they really are. This ending of the cycle of birth and death is called Moksha, Level 1 in this grand Game of the Universe. If one knows the rules of this Game, it is quite delightful to play, and the Yoga Vasishta is the rulebook.

One of the Goals of this Game (there are five Goals) is to Realize that you are Lord Brahma. This is called “Moksha Level 4” or “Brahman Consciousness.” In this Game, you have a nanny (someone who takes care of you). A gopi or gopa from Goloka is your nanny. To make the Game more interesting (this Game was created by Krishna), there is another Goal called “Moksha Level 5” or “Krishna Consciousness.” You reach this Goal by Realizing that the gopi or gopa that is your nanny is none-other than your Absolute Self.

These Realizations (Brahman Consciousness and Krishna Consciousness) come in stages that can be quantified by the Level of Consciousness you are experiencing. The Level of Consciousness is an important test to determine where you are in the Game and which of the Goals you have attained. There are 20 Levels of Consciousness in this quantitative measure of where you are in this Game of the Universe.

Twenty Levels of Consciousness

From the research of David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD we have the sum-total of his life's work to discover the anatomy of consciousness, in the chart "Map of Consciousness®" published in his book Power vs Force, The Hidden Determination of Human Behavior[0]. We have expanded on his work by adding the 5 levels of Moksha to produce the Twenty Levels of Human Consciousness:

20 Levels of Human Consciousness

Please see Appendix 7 for the experiences of each of the 20 Levels of Consciousness.

Dr. Hawkins made this significant discovery:

"On our scale of consciousness, there are two critical points that allow for major advancement. The first is at 200, the initial level of empowerment: Here, the willingness to stop blaming and accept responsibility for one's own actions, feelings, and beliefs arises - as long as cause and responsibility are projected outside of oneself, one will remain in the powerless mode of victimhood. The second is at the 500 level, which is reached by accepting love and nonjudgemental [sic] forgiveness as a lifestyle, exercising unconditional kindness to all persons, things, and events without exception." (Hawkins 2002, 238).

We have found there is a third threshold at 600 to gain entry into the Moksha levels. These three thresholds are primary challenges for many individuals today. Moving beyond them represents a significant barrier which can only be overcome through a significant shift in personality. After moving beyond these realms, progression into increasingly higher states is very natural and less challenging.

We believe that if an individual is at the 200 level and begins the practice of meditation, that will create the “significant shift in personality” necessary to propel the individual on to the 500 level. But what will be the second element that will allow the individual who is stuck at the 500 level to move on to 600 and then on to 700 and beyond? The Ekam Vitara Network is this answer for this group of people.

The Ekam Vitara Network will support and accelerate the progress of those in the 200-500 range and act as the necessary second element to propel them beyond 500 and beyond 600.

It does not seem that to go from Level 500 to Level 600 is a very big jump, but it is. The Levels are on a logarithmic scale. This means when you see the Level 500, it means 10^500 (that is 10 followed by 500 zeros!) So, Level 600 is really 10^600 (10 followed by 600 zeros). Perhaps easier to comprehend, increasing by 1 point is a shift of magnitude 10, 2 points increase is a shift of magnitude 100, 3 points represents a shift of magnitude 1000, and so on, adding one zero for each point. So, the difference between Level 500 and Level 600 will result in an enormous shift in your life experience.

People are driven throughout life by their karma. That karma is literally in their subconscious and unconscious minds in the form of karmic traces. They are looking through a maze of blocks and distortions (the karmic traces) that makes the world appear much different to them than it is in reality. Commonly, one will only advance in their Level of Consciousness that they came into the world with by only 5 or 10 points for the entire life! Some people will actually fall by 5 or 10 points. So, imagine the magnitude of what you are attempting. We casually say “you will quickly rise from Level 250 to Level 310...” but please realize this represents an incredible shift in your experience of life.

What is behind this shift from 250 to 310? The balancing of karmic traces in your unconscious mind. Karmic traces can be balanced in two ways: 1) slowly and steadily through meditation and 2) more quickly by adding an influence, into the unconscious mind, of the frequency of consciousness that is one level above your current level, plus other karmic trace balancing frequencies that are required by the age we live in today. This second approach can come from the Ekam Vitara.

Absolute Cosmology

The Game of the Universe is played on a board that includes a much broader playing field than just our Universe. This Game Board includes trillions of other Universes and the Archetype Absolute Universe known as Goloka. Let’s look into the aspects of this Game that exist beyond our Universe.

When we leave this Universe, we encounter a number of levels that are similar to the levels we have within the Universe. This is to be expected because this Universe is a projection of the Absolute Universe. The first level we encounter is the Brahmajyoti or Pure Light. This is an ocean of Pure Consciousness or Krishna’s Effulgence – Light – that all of the innumerable Universes are floating within, like tiny bubbles in the ocean. Within this Brahmajyoti, and what makes it this ocean of Light, are all the Narayanas – the progenitors of all the universes. Each Narayana is an expansion of Krishna; hence we call this ocean Krishna’s Effulgence.

The Absolute is the source of the projected Universes, so we would expect to find corresponding levels in the Absolute with those mentioned previously that are found in the projected universe. This is exactly the situation. Here is the correspondence of Absolute levels with relative levels in a projected Universe:

  1. Goloka is the realm of the Ana-Kosha of Krishna and His Gopis and Gopas, within the Absolute. This corresponds to the physical world of the universe where all of the Anamaya-koshas exist.
  2. Svarupa-Shakti is the Prana-Kosha of the Absolute. This corresponds to the Pranamaya-kosha of the universe, but there is no astral world – that is a feature of the universe that arises from the decay of physical life.
  3. Madhurya-dhama is the Mano-Kosha of the Absolute where Cit-Jagat exists, corresponding to the Manomaya-kosha of the universe.
  4. Aisvarya-dhama is the Vijñana-Kosha of the Absolute where all of the Divine Expansions of Krishna reside in Vaikuntha-Lokas, corresponding to the Vijñanamaya-kosha of the universe.
  5. Kailasa is the Ananda-Kosha of the Absolute – the Body of Bliss that is the subtlest aspect of the Absolute and corresponds to the Anandamaya-Kosha, which is the subtlest aspect of every universe.

Notice the word “maya” is missing from names of all of these Absolute Bodies. They are Real and Eternal, not illusory and temporary like the bodies we possess in this Universe.

Karmic Traces

With this framework in place, we are ready to go more deeply into the topic of individual and collective karma. It is the balancing of karma that is behind the coming destructive pralaya. Individuals have mountain ranges of karma that must be balanced, and the karma of every person in this universe adds together to form the collective karma of humanity, which has vast mountain ranges of karma to balance.

With this framework in place, we are ready to go more deeply into the topic of individual and collective karma. Karma is the “monopoly money” of this Game, and it comes in two varieties: 1) Divine Karmic Traces and 2) Individual Karmic Traces.

The Karma created by the Creator, we would call “Divine Karma”. The reverberating effects of karma is karmic traces and these could also be called “vasanas”. Vasanas are the products of karma or action. Whenever one performs an action, the experience leaves an impression in the unconscious mind memory.

The image on the following page illustrates the human mind and its 3 levels of 1) Conscious, 2) Subconscious and 3) Unconscious. The first 2 are associated with the physical body and the 3rd is part of the subtle body.

The Human Mind / conscious / subconscious / unconscious

These impressions, karmic traces or vasanas, give rise to likes, dislikes, desires, and fears and form the basis of our habitual tendencies or spontaneous responses to any given stimuli. Pleasurable experiences give rise to likes, and painful experiences give rise to dislikes. Consequently, we are attracted to and try to acquire things we like and are averse to and try to avoid things we dislike. Karmic traces not only impel action but are also reinforced and sustained by it.

The karmic traces are also found in the physical body in the DNA. The origin of our DNA is from our parents and their parents and so on and could eventually be traced back to the original ancestors - the first 20 human beings created at the dawn of this universe. The actions performed by our Creator to create the first human beings formed Divine Karmic Traces that are the blueprint of the ideal human physiology.

The DNA is fundamentally composed of Divine Karmic Traces, covered over by individual (inherited) karmic traces. This crust of individual karmic traces is like clouds that obscure the sun. The sun is always there in its pure brilliance, but we perceive it as dull due to the clouds. If we can remove the individual karmic traces from our DNA then we will experience our life and this Universe as it really is. The Universe is a place of beauty, abundance and love and we, as human beings, are happy, peaceful and full of joy. When your experience is not like this, then you know the reason is remaining unbalanced karmic traces.

We can effectively measure how much our karmic traces are holding us back from the full experience of a Blissful life and design a program to balance the remaining karmic traces with an Ekam Vitara Network Membership.

Everyone has a full bank account of Divine Karmic Traces, but this wealth is covered over by Individual Karmic Traces, hidden like buried treasure. The main objective of the Game is to uncover this buried treasure by removing the Individual Karmic Traces.

Individuals have mountain ranges of karmic traces that must be removed for these individuals to experience the Bliss of their hidden treasure of Divine Karmic Traces. For Humanity as a whole to experience the Bliss of the Satyya yuga of the Krishna Golden Age, our collective karmic traces must be balanced. Anytime there is a natural disaster or even a man-made disaster, individual and collective karma for the people affected is balanced. Life is naturally a continuum of peace, acceptance and unconditional love. When we see events contrary to this model, we know that karma is at the root.

At this time, as we are approaching the dawn of the Krishna Golden Age, there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence and some factual evidence that an Extinction Level Event (ELE) is on the horizon, to create this world-wide karma balancing. Fortunately, with the Ekam Vitara Network, we now have the technology to balance world collective karma without the need for an ELE. But to underscore the importance of the Ekam Vitara Network, we will look at the possibility of an ELE as the alternative.

What if There Was No Ekam Vitara Network?

The Ekam Vitara Network just came into being in August of 2018. Our task now is to educate the public about this Network and enlist one million members. Should we not be successful, then the ELE will surely come. In the public press, mostly via the Internet from “alternative” news sources, this impending ELE is being attributed to the speculated flyby of a rogue planetary system called as Nibiru and Nemesis.

There is a wealth of information about Nibiru and Nemesis, in the public domain. But NASA, the progenitor of this theory of Planet X or Nibiru and Nemesis, has been officially silent about it for over 30 years, except for occasional “slips” to keep the story shrouded in mystery and speculation. We do see trillions of dollars disappearing into the worldwide construction of underground, fortified bunkers for the global elite and their government minions, and deep underground military bases and underground government cities. Also, there has been an incredible buildup of domestic military power for civilian control.

For example, in 2007, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama stated many times “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Who will the civilian national security force protect us from? Maybe a better question to ask is: Mr. President, do you know of a coming event?

What if you knew there will be a world-wide disaster that will kill 90% of the world's population and what if you have already made plans and have your underground bunkers ready to run into at the first sign of this disaster, and what if the general population realizes they have all been “thrown under the bus” by you as you are leaving for the safety of your bunker, built in secret with their money. Do you think these 330 million people, in the US alone, will be angry and upset and maybe riot and demand justice? This would definitely be the time when “We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [as our military].”

Why do you suppose the US has over 800 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) camps now, built up in secret over the past 13 years? These camps have barbed wire topped fences, pointing in to keep people in the camps from escaping; basically prisons.

Why do you suppose there is such an effort as we have seen in the recent years to repeal the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States - the right to bear arms in self-defense? Would 330 million angry, armed[3] citizens who just found out that their government is going underground, be a factor?

Why does the UN state that civilian ownership of firearms “undermines the legitimate power monopoly of the State” when governments have already killed perhaps 300 million[4] of their unarmed populations?

We know that for many years the public water in the United States and Canada has been poisoned with Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (a waste product from the purification of aluminum ore) under the guise that this is the mineral fluoride and the mineral fluoride is good for teeth and bones. Actually, Hydrofluorosilicic Acid is a commonly used rat poison. There are many studies that contradict this claim that fluoride is “good for teeth and bones” and more that show this is a chemical method for population control - it literally reduces IQ and makes the population docile and easier to control. In fact, the average IQ of the American citizen has declined 15 points in the past 30 years.

Companies such as Monsanto have been creating genetically modified (GMO) foods; under the guise that this technology increases food production and creates food that is identical to non-GMO vegetables and grains. This is even in the face of many studies that prove that GMO foods cause tumors and cancer and will sterilize the subject population within 3 generations!

Why would the poison aspartame be finally approved for human consumption (it was initially rejected because of its carcinogenic properties) and is now found in almost all chewing gum?

Why would estrogen mimickers be added to almost all processed foods and container liners and even beer can liners when it is well known these chemicals over-feminize the subjects and cause infertility?

Why are the governments, in particular the United States, constantly provoking conflicts and wars and funding and supplying weapons to terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS?

Where are the trillions of dollars going that the Federal Reserve is handing over to American and European banks?

Why has the US National Debt ballooned to nearly 20 trillion dollars (as of April 24, 2017)[5] with almost nothing above ground to show for it?

Autism in children was 1 in 50,000 a few years ago, now it is 1 in 50 and soon will be 1 in 3. Is anyone concerned?

Why all the geo-engineering and dumping of tons of aluminum and barium oxide into the atmosphere, reducing light from the sun by more than 30% - are they trying to ruin the Earth for human life?

Now they are opening the portals of hell with CERN and say in a cavalier way “yes, this could destroy the universe, but how else will we know what we are capable of?”

The Fukushima disaster is rapidly killing the Pacific Ocean and few seem to care.

Millions of birds fall dead from the skies and millions of fish wash up dead on the shores and there is no serious investigation.

Hundreds of aging nuclear power plants are leaking and the response is to raise the levels of “safe” nuclear radiation exposure – “nothing to see here, move along.”

Are the governments and global elite insane or is there an underlying agenda that explains all of this? Perhaps there is an impending catastrophe or ELE, so who really cares? They do act as if there is no tomorrow and there will never be justice for their crimes against humanity!

The ultimate level of deception that has been taught in schools and promoted by science and the media is that we live on a tiny globe that orbits a huge sun, 93 million miles away and Earth is just another planet in our so-called solar system that just happens to support human life. Human life is nothing to the global elite and they want us to also accept this premise. Lie after lie, all in the name of science, have been promoted as the truth of our existence. We are told our universe is so vast that it must contain all manner of beings and intelligent life and human life is just another variation. We are told that we are parasites on the Earth and the Earth would certainly be better off without the human race on it.

Now we should look at the most incredible lie every told to the human race. This lie is over 500 years old and completely interwoven into the fabric of the entire human society throughout the Earth

[0] Power vs Force, The Hidden Determination of Human Behavior, by David R. Hawkins, 2002, Carlsbad, California: Hay House

[1] From the Vedic Literature, specifically Rig Veda 7.99, the aspect of the Divine that maintains the Universe created by Lord Brahma

[2] https://archive.org/stream/ParasharaHoraSastra/BrihatParasharaHoraSastraVedicAstrologyEbook_djvu.txt

[3] According to https://www.gunfaq.org, as of 2013 there were roughly 300 million guns in the United States. Since that time, gun sales have reached month over month record levels. The right to bear arms is the citizen's last line of defense against a repressive government. Hence governments, who claim they are the only "legitimate power monopoly" want the citizens disarmed.

[4] STATISTICS OF DEMOCIDE: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900, By R.J. Rummel, Charlottesville, Virginia: Center for National Security Law, School of Law, University of Virginia, 1997; and Transaction Publishers, Rutgers University


[5] https://www.usdebtclock.org/

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