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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Patanjali StatueThe Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are the training manual for becoming the Lord Brahma of your own universe as a God Realized being. There are four stages of God Realization:

  1. God Consciousness (Level 2 Moksha) – this is the experience of being with God in the Celestial realms in your manomaya or vijnamaya kosha. The celestial senses and bodies are fully developed

  2. Unity Consciousness (Level 3 Moksha) – this is the experience that one is connected with alll of life, all beings, and even the inanimate objects in the universe.
  3. Brahman Consciousness (Level 4 Moksha) – when your consciousness merges with the Consciousness of God, the Creator, then you perceive as if you are the Creator and every thought and every action is a thought and action of the Creator

  4. Krishna Consciousness (Level 5 Moksha) – from the foundation of Brahman Consciousness, your consciousness unites with the Ultimate and only Real Being, Krishna. You realize you are the Eternal Companion of Krishna, experiencing this tiny universe and all the universes as expressions of Krishna's Infinite Creativity and Unconditional Love.

The vibuti pada is the focus of a new course to achieve the psychic abilities that are the basis of a fully developed human life. In the process you become an expert in the practice of Samyama, the basis of all universal creativity.

Every object within the realm of the 3-D holographic immersion movie we call the universe has attributes and is a compound object, since it is made of the three gunas in varying combinations. The attributes of an object vary and change according to the action of the gunas and the constitution of the samskaras. Any object can change into any other object. Therefore, the yogi sees no essential difference between a piece of gold and a lump of mud. Hence, he acquires complete dispassion toward the object of the phenomenal world.

Looking at the mechanics of creation from the perspective of a holographic projection, we first study how a hologram is created:

Components of a Hologram

then we replace the mechanical items with the aspects of the Divine:

Components of a Holographic Universe

to see exactly how Krishna Consciousness functions to project universes through the Agency of MahaVishnu and the foremost jiva, Lord Brahma, through the Gap or Pure Consciousness, to create the 3-D holographic immersion projection we call our universe.

This projection of Krishna Consciousness through Lord Brahma is actually the performance of samyama on each of the 432,000 syllables of the Rig Ved, by Lord Brahma. From this performance arises an entire, perfect, Goloka replica universe for the playfield of the jivas. The first incarnation of human bodies for the jivas are also created in this way, through the practice of samyama on the syllables of the 9th Mandala of the Rig Ved.

Maharishi Patanjali has provided us with the 1st grade training manual in our course of study to become qualified to be the Lord Brahma of our own universe. Our task is to take these few simple sutras and create a level of perfection in our human lives. We learn to create some elementary structures and perceive some fundamental realities through our practice and eventual mastery of the process of samyama.

We call these first baby steps “psychic abilities” to satisfy the ego and motivate it to learn this fundamental technique of samyama. Eventually, in this course of study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the ego is eliminated as we rise to the first level of God Realization, which is our ultimate objective at this stage.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Course is extensive and you can benefit from this course. You will receive initiation for all 47 sutras of the Vibhuti Pada. Plus samyama is practiced in Sanskrit, the Language of God. If you take the course on an MVU campus or Goloka Sanctuary Community, you will practice the programme in a simulated Satyug environment.

This new course is comprehensive and complete - you will learn to practice samyama on all of the vibhuti pada sutras. You can attend via Skype from the comfort of your own home for most of the sutras - only attending MVU for 2 of the sutras, or you can come to MahaVideha University and take the course in a simulated Satyug environment with your own private Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid and the new Group Programme Satyug Sanctuary Pyramid, plus you will enjoy the full Satyug Kaya Kalpa programme and the Maha-Videha Programme.

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Kundalat Devi, Presov, Slovakia , November 27, 2016 at 4:41 PM | Reply
During meditation today, when I thought the sutras and I remained associated with the silent mind and saw this as if my attention appeared to leave my physical body. As I thought I sutra my attention, based on a body awareness of the me outside as an observer. I saw that it changed my attention to the site of the observer and looked at the physical body, which meditates. Then became something else suddenly my attention was again on another position I observed the physical body in meditation and observer who observes the physical body in meditation. I watched it as it changes position, and I just watched from my silent mind.
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , November 27, 2016 at 4:49 PM | Reply
Dear Kundalat Devi,

you are experiencing what Krishna says in the BG chapter 2 verse 48 yogastha kuru karmani - which means established in the silent mind, perform action. So you were witnessing the physical mind thinking the sutra while taking the perspective of the silent mind. This is the experience of Moksha - if you can hold this perspective of viewing the entire physical life 24 hours a day from that silent mind, then you have achieved Moksha Level 1. The yoga sutras structure Moksha. As we add more sutras to your programme, the experience deepens and Moksha becomes strong and lively. The final sutra is the flying sutra - this one is very special because your body becomes very active and involved, while your silent mind remains detached and witnessing. From this experience you will quickly rise to Moksha.


Jai Guru Dev,
Rafael, Spain , October 25, 2014 at 8:39 PM | Reply
Vibhuti Pada course is for me, the most interesting of all course that you offer.
I do not quite understand when you explain that mantras (sutras?) are not in the books. So, can you explain the relationship between your course and the sutras of 3rd chapter of Patanjali book?
Sri Visvamitra, Cedar Crest, NM, United States , October 25, 2014 at 8:42 PM | Reply
Dear Rafael,

Take for example the sutra:

Mûrdha-jyotishi siddha-darshanam - (By performing Samyama) on the light within the head comes vision of perfected Beings

There is a specific mantra that you use to produce the result of this sutra.

One does not perform samyama on the sutra "Mûrdha-jyotishi siddha-darshanam" or any part of this sutra, the sutra is the instruction.

Jai Guru Dev,

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